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Hilltop Supermarket’s 18th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Hilltop SupermarketClarksville, TN – Hilltop Supermarket held their 18th Annual Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, March 30th. The event kicked off at 11:00am with activities such as inflatables, face painting, cupcake decorating and more.

The Cunningham Volunteer Fire Department was selling hotdogs, hamburgers, etc. Homestead BBQ & More from Hopkinsville, KY came to the event and was selling their award winning barbeque. Central Pizza was also there giving away free slices.

Kids had a lot of fun at the 18th Annual Hilltop Supermarket Easter Egg Hunt Saturday.
Kids had a lot of fun at the 18th Annual Hilltop Supermarket Easter Egg Hunt Saturday.

The Easter egg hunt was broken down into four groups; up to 4 year olds, 5 to 6 year olds, 7 to 9 year olds and the 10 to 12 year old group.

There were 5,000-6,000 easter eggs on the fields waiting for the kids to gather them up. Over 400 children lined up along the fields waiting for 2:00pm to arrive so they could start grabbing some eggs.

However, around 1:44pm, an adult in the crowd yelled “Go” and several kids ran onto the field. Before they could be stopped more children surged onto the field and the event was started before everyone had arrived.

A happy child with her prizes from the hunt.
A happy child with her prizes from the hunt.

By 1:50pm, the easter egg hunt was over, 10 minutes before the official start time. Several parents with their children arrived just to see the hunt end. One disappointed couple had driven down from Pleasant View, TN. It was just an unforeseeable, unfortunate thing that happened.

“We do apologize it took off early. Someone thought it would be funny to yell go and did not understand the total consequences of doing so,” said Hilltop Manager Mike Jackson. “Any kids that did not get to hunt, we apologize. Come see me and I’ll get you a toy.”

“I cant believe someone would do such a thing,” stated April Hamilton from Cumberland Furnace, TN. “I really felt bad for the kids that didn’t get to hunt. My child, Sydney, had gotten 4 prize tickets so I gave one to a child that did not get to hunt.”

After the hunt was over, children and parents alike were opening the plastic eggs to see what they had gotten. The eggs contained different types of items from candy to prize tickets. There was one grand prize ticket in each group.

A lucky boy won a mountain bike.
A lucky boy won a mountain bike.

No event of this size can be pulled off without a lot of help. Hilltop Supermarket employees and family turned to the local community for volunteers. Montgomery Central Cheerleaders, Cunningham Volunteer Fire Department, Girl Scouts and several young adults all volunteered to help out.

“I wanted thank everyone for coming out today. I want to especially thank everyone that volunteer to come out  and help us with this event,” stated Jackson. “The volunteers are really what makes this such a great community event.”

The sponsors for this year’s event were Hilltop Supermarket, B & M Market, Cumberland Bank and Trust, Grandmama’s House of Preschool and Child Care, Coca-Cola, Mark Davis Trucking, U Jumpin’ Folks, Satelite Electronics, Movies N’ More, Joey’s Fireworks, Jimmy Miller Construction, Dad’s Rootbeer and RC Cola.

“I thought this was a great event for the children,” stated Barbara Rigdon with Homestead BBQ & More. “We loved coming out today. We really feel blessed that they would have us  here as part of their event.”

“Despite the early start, the event went really well. We had a lot of kids come out. Everyone one had a lot of fun,” commented Jackson. “Next year, we will have some measures in place to make sure an early start can not happen again. And again, I apologize to any kids that did not get to hunt.”

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About Hilltop Supermarket

Hilltop Supermarket is located at 400 Highway 149, Clarksville TN. From Clarksville, you would take Hwy 48/13 south across the river, turn right on highway 149 and Hilltop Supermarket is located on the left at the top of the hill next to Freds. Hilltop serves the grocery needs of the southern Montgomery county area.

Visit their website at: www.hilltopsupermarket.com.


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