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Young Athletes have less than a 2% chance of getting a Scholarship

Circuit AthleticsClarksville, TN – “In Today’s tough economy you have less than a 2% chance of landing an athletic scholarship. We are going to condition 30 young male athletes in Clarksville, so they have a fighting chance to reach their goals and take control of the opportunity and education they might not otherwise get,” said Dontre Doxley, General Manager at Circuit Athletics.

Many parents dream of getting their young athlete a full-ride scholarship. Especially in families with multiple children, not landing an athletic scholarship to a college could likely mean no college education or a greater demand on the student as they attempt to help pay their own way though school.

Students working to pay their way through college is no easy task, when you take into account the a full-time course load and participation in one or more collegiate-level athletics programs. “During the 2003–04 academic year, 78 percent of undergraduates worked while they were enrolled.”

According to Jacqueline King, with the American Council on Education, a sizable group of students nationwide recognize that working while attending college has an adverse affect on their academic performance. While the majority of students do not admit that working interferes with their studies, it is worth noting the majority of college students are not involved in rigorous college-level sports.

“For students who work, however, working more than part time does seem to have a negative impact on grades at most types of institutions,” says Jacqueline King.

In August of 2012 Reuters announced, “Cash-strapped states have cut the number of scholarships they are providing to college students, particularly affecting those who attend state universities.”

To further reduce your Athletes chances of getting a full scholarship struggling state universities are splitting up the funds to provide larger groups of students with much smaller financial assistance, it’s called the Partial Scholarship Athletic Model.

So maybe while the chances of getting some sort of financial assistance based on athleticism might be increasing, the likelihood of getting a full-ride is reserved only for the pinnacle of athleticism. Keep in mind, that at any given moment there are millions of young athlete’s competing for every cent.

If its possible what parent wouldn’t want their athletic son or daughter to get a full-ride? Let’s look at some of the facts about athletic scholarship and how to improve your teen’s chances of getting one.

There are six athletic sports in Division I where your athlete has a chance of receiving a full-ride athletic scholarship.

According to thecollegesolution.com these include:

Men’s Sports

  • Football (85 scholarships)
  • Basketball (13 scholarships)

Womens’ Sports

  • Basketball (15 scholarships)
  • Tennis (8 scholarships)
  • Gymnastics (12 scholarships)
  • Volleyball (12 scholarships)

In Men’s Division 1 basketball, 12 students will land a full-ride while the remainder of the athletes will be finding some other means to pay for college. The NCAA dictates the total number of scholarships allowed per sport. Full-rides are not a mandated requirement, so splitting up the scholarship money to provide smaller financial assistance to a greater number or of students is more likely. Another issue is that many schools don’t offer the maximum number of athletic scholarships because they simply can’t afford to do so.

So to improve your athletes chances he or she has to get noticed. That means that your student has to not just be performing their best in their school or division, but performing at the top nationally. Here are some tips.

Individual skills training with a certified instructor who has either earned an athletic scholarship before or a trainer who has a successful track record of helping athletes earn them.

Individual nutrition counseling: Learning what to eat, how to eat and when to eat is key towards helping your athlete have a body and mind that is built for continually improvement and recovery.

Physical conditioning: Improving your athlete’s speed, agility, power, flexibility and strength are critical if you want that scholarship. Look for programs that are tailored to their individual needs. You can’t expect them to break away from the pack and get noticed if they are being trained just as well as their competition.

Psychological conditioning: Give your athlete the leg-up on the competition by getting them to a sports psychologist that will help them to learn the skills to enable to them to think in a way the helps them win.

An integrated program is a great way to save money on individual training. An integrated program will group several top athletes together to lower cost, but provide each of them individualized training. Its the best of two worlds. Here’s an overview of just such a program offered by Circuit Ahtletics in Clarksvillle, TN.

Circuit Athletics offers a relatively affordable program, that is both integrated and individualized, called Alpha Project. “It’s a 19-day total conditioning seminar designed to empower young men to reach and compete at collegiate-level standards to increase their chance at attaining athletic scholarships,” says Dontre Doxley.

Circuit Athletics is transforming Clarksville one client at a time

Circuit Athletics has a proud 7-year track record of transforming people’s bodies so they can live longer more capable lives. With over a thousand people conditioned and hundreds of pounds of lost body fat later Circuit Athletics is the demonstrated local leader in weightless and wellness. The fitness and wellness programs at Circuit Athletics have corrected dozens of cases of diabetes and hypertension, transforming each life in the process.

“We are going to teach and condition these young men to compete at a level that is required today, if you want to be considered for athletic scholarships.” said fitness instructor Jeff Price.

Alpha Project Availability

Alpha Project focuses on collegiate-level preparedness for athletes in the following areas:

  • Cardiovascular strength & conditioning
  • Running gait improvement
  • Power and Explosive movements
  • Intense agility & Plyometrics
  • Core strengthening & flexibility
  • Foot speed & agility
  • Upper and lower body strength training

Alpha project is a high-demand event and is limited to only 30 participants, so each participant gets the benefit of close supervision and individualized care that includes nutrition counseling, improvement monitoring and performance gain assessment. Alpha Project is incredibly strenuous and only those individuals who are serious about preparing for collegiate-level competition and beyond.

This seminar will be conducted at Circuit Athletics by Jeffrey Tex Price. Coach Price has a degree from University of Tennessee degree in Health & Human Performance. He is a K-12 educator with a Tennessee teaching license in Health and Physical Education. He is the Assistant Wrestling Coach at Rossview High School in Clarksville, TN.

Space is limited so prior enrollment is a prerequisite.

Classes start on Friday, May 31st, 2013 at 10:00 am and continue every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through August 15th, 2013. If you are interested in more information or want to make a reservation, visit www.circuitnutrition.com or call 931.552.2804.




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