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Clarksville Fire Rescue reports two fires affecting four homes this weekend

Clarksville Fire RescueClarksville, TN – Clarksville Fire Rescue was busy this weekend with two house fires, one that’s been deemed “suspicious” by Fire Marshal Ray Williams.

Saturday, a call came in from residents at 916 Lucas Lane, reporting a fire in the kitchen.  Clarksville Fire Rescue stations #1 and #4 responded within six minutes and had the fire under control within five minutes of their arrival.  The cause of the fire was grease that had caught on fire in the kitchen.

One woman and a child escaped the house, and there were no injuries reported.  Williams estimates that there was over $25,000 worth of damage done to the home.  Willliams says these types of fires are common.

On Sunday, firefighters received a call at 3:36am involving a house that was under construction at 182 Snowball Lane.  The house was unoccupied and the fire was reported by neighbors.

Clarksville Fire Rescue Stations #6 #7 and #10 were dispatched to the scene and when they arrived they could see flames and smoke coming from the property.

According to fire officials, crews had the fire under control by 4:00am, but firefighters remained on the scene until 7:00am.

Fire Marshall Ray Williams calls this fire “suspicious,” indicating that there was no electricity to the home, and there was no heat source that could cause the fire.  Williams also mentioned that the weather conditions could not have caused the blaze.

Two nearby homes were also damaged by the fire.  Occupants of the other homes were able to escape the flames, and there were no injuries reported.

Clarksville Fire Rescue has the Sunday fire under investigation, and will have more details available at the conclusion of their report.

No firefighters were injured during the incidents.


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