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Tennessee Bureau of Investigation releases “Family Violence Study 2012”

A total of 6,781 Juveniles were Documented as Family Violence Victims, which is 16.2% of all Victims.

Tennessee Bureau of InvestigationNashville, TN – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation today released a report focused on domestic violence that occurs between family members entitled “Family Violence Study 2012.”

The study is based on offenses reported by law enforcement agencies to the Tennessee Incident Based Reporting System in 2012 where approximately 14.5 percent of all crimes reported were domestic in nature.

TBI Family Violence Study 2012

Of the 2012 domestic violence offenses, 41,708 or 50 percent were reported as having a familial victim to offender relationship.

It is important to note that the parameters of the study did not include certain valid domestic violence relationships particularly boyfriend/girlfriend, which was the most commonly reported domestic violence relationship in 2012.

The study also gives insight into the influence of drugs and alcohol in familial violence.

Family Violence Study 2012 Quick Facts

  • Simple assault was the most frequently reported offense accounting for 67.5 percent of family violence offenses outnumbering all other offenses by more than 4 to 1.
  • Females were nearly two times more likely to be victimized than males.
  • Offenders of familial kidnapping/abduction offenses in the state were most often parents accounting for almost 58 percent of all kidnapping/abduction offenses.
  • White offenders were documented 1.8 times more often than African-American domestic violence offenders.
  • Female parents were more likely to commit simple assault against their female children at 68 percent than male children at almost 32 percent.
  • More than 17 percent of family violence offenses involved drugs or alcohol by the offender with the majority, 83 percent, using alcohol.
  • In 2012, six juveniles were murdered by family members.

This report was created to offer insight into demographic information about offenders and victims and the prevalence of specific offenses related to familial violence.  Data compiled from this report may be used to support avocation for domestic violence prevention and counseling as well as provide insight for agencies dedicated to children’s services. To read the report in its entirety click here.

Click to access 2012FamilyViolenceStudy.pdf


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