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APSU’s Eric Branscome offers music career advice in new book

Austin Peay State University - APSUClarksville, TN – Several years ago, Dr. Eric Branscome, Austin Peay State University associate professor of music, kept running into students who were worried about their future. Specifically, they didn’t know what they’d do for a job once they graduated with a music degree.

“Students started coming to me more and more frequently and saying, ‘I don’t foresee myself as a music teacher, but I don’t think I’m strong enough to become a performer, so I’m at a loss,’” Branscome recalled. “That question revealed they’re completely unaware of what else is out there in terms of music careers. It’s not just limited to education and performance.”

Music Career Advising: A Guide for Students, Parents and Teachers

The question interested Branscome, so he spent the next three years interviewing professional musicians across the country in various fields to find out what kind of jobs were available. His findings are now available in his informative new book, “Music Career Advising: A Guide for Students, Parents and Teachers.”

“Every high school student considering a career in music should read this book,” Elisa Seeherman, director of career services at The University of the Arts, said. “It will provide them with valuable knowledge about themselves, the variety of music degrees and careers paths and their fit in the field.”

The book includes chapters on the different types of music degree programs offered at colleges and universities, and what types of career fields are available to graduates with those degrees.

“For parents and teachers, they want to know when and if the student will be employable,” Branscome said. “This book tries to answer a lot of the different questions they ask. But this field is really much more diverse then most people think.”

“Eric Branscome has covered all the bases in his thorough-going approach to music career development,” Kip Cranna, director of musical administration for the San Francisco Opera, said. “From musicology to piano-tuning and all the music-related jobs in between, the hard facts are there for aspiring professional musicians to help them make enlightened career-training choices.”

The book was published in May, and it is available at www.amazon.com .

For more information, contact Branscome at .


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