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Clarksville Police warn of “green dot cards” scam

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – The Clarksville Police Department has issued a “scam alert,” warning consumers of a possible scam.  If you are contacted by a representative of any company that claims that you have won a prize and, to receive that prize, you need to buy “green dot cards” and contact the representative back with the green dot card numbers, you are being scammed.

This is the current trend.  No legitimate company will call and ask a person for a down payment, by green dot cards, or any other sort of pre-paid card, prior to awarding a prize.  In most instances, the person contacted has not signed up for any prize give away. Also, immediately after the money is taken from these cards, the caller’s number is disconnected, which makes it nearly impossible for the suspect to be caught. So, please, be leery of these types of calls and put a stop to the call before money is moved.

If you receive this solicitation, just hang up.  Do not give any personal information, or credit card numbers.


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