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Ribbon Cutting for Outdoor Fitness Gym at Liberty Park scheduled

City of Clarksville - Clarksville, TNClarksville, TN – The City of Clarksville invites you to join them on Friday, October 25th, 2013 at 10:00am  for the Ribbon Cutting of the outdoor fitness gym at Liberty Park.

With honored guests including Mayor Kim McMillan and Head of School at Clarksville Academy, Kay Drew and many others.

Some of the local residents out enjoying Liberty Park.
Liberty Park

The outdoor fitness gym consists of eight pieces of equipment that includes an elliptical cross trainer, leg press, multi bars, pull-up & dip, rowing machine, airwalker plus, sit-up board, and a warm-up station.

As part of a yearlong Challenge Based Learning program at Clarksville Academy, students were challenged with ways in which to improve their community. Team Galanz, made up of Dheeraj Daswani, John Anderson, Hunter Galbraith, and Carter Lawless had the idea of installing outdoor weight training equipment at the new Liberty Park, as a sustainable way to make the community a healthier place.  The students then received a grant from the Clarksville-Montgomery County Community Health Foundation in May of this year. With a check totaling $23,573.96, Team Galanz, was able to make their project a reality.

For more details, please contact the Clarksville Parks and Recreation at 931-645-7476.


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