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Screaming Eagle Ready Mix receives Green Certification

CMC Green Certification ProgramClarksville, TN – The latest business to complete requirements for the Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification Program and host a Green Ribbon Cutting is Screaming Eagle Ready Mix.  Duane King, Screaming Eagle Ready Mix’s plant manager, who led the effort for the company to become CMC Green Certified, explained.

Pictured from left to right are Duane King, Nicole Chumley, Debbie Payne, Kim McMillan, Jeff Burkhart, Carolyn Bowers, Melinda Shepard and Michelle Newell.

“We changed lighting; encouraged our employees to use energy conservation practices and recycle; began recycling cardboard, paper, cans and plastic; partnered with a company that repurposes our old tires; and work to reduce emissions and fuel use by efficient route planning and purchasing trucks that pollute less and purchasing low emission gasoline. Also, water that runs out from the process goes into a retention pond and is recycled several times.”

King also mentioned that the energy audit conducted by CDE with upgrade suggestions will pay off within 18 months.

Mayor Kim McMillan asked, “One question we always ask, is do you feel the work you’ve done towards Green Certification is something the employees are taking home with them?”

“I have started recycling at home and several of our drivers have said they are also recycling now,” said King.

Office Manager Debbie Payne added, “I feel like it has definitely helped us be more aware of what we are doing and make better decisions before we throw something away.”

Jeff Burkhart, one of the business owners said, “We (the partners) decided to pursue the certification because it was the right thing to do and it just made smart business sense for now and for the future. Recycling alone has cut our trash to less than half of what it was.”
Montgomery County Mayor Bowers added, “Thank you for your efforts in keeping items out of the landfill and keeping our air clean. We appreciate your work.”

Screaming Eagle Ready Mix is owned by Edward Burchett, Jeff Burkhart and Curtis Wallace. The company is named in honor of the soldiers serving at Fort Campbell. The company is Department of Transportation certified and specializes in both residential and commercial jobs. For more info visit http://screamingeaglereadymix.com/.

For information on how your business can participate in the Green Certification Program, contact Michelle Newell at .


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