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Clarksville Youth Dodgeball League returns for another season at the Crow Community Center

Clarksville Parks and RecreationClarksville, TN – Registration for the Clarksville Parks and Recreation’s Youth Dodgeball League will take place December 2nd through December 27th!

Pre-registration is required and participants can register at the Parks and Recreation Main office as well as online at recpro.cityofclarksville.com.

This six-week Youth Dodgeball League, hosted by the Crow Community Center and First Church of the Nazarene, is free to participate.

Games will be played at the Crow Community Center on Friday evenings beginning January 10th, with a pre-league meeting held January 3rd for all players to go over rules and teams.

Teams will be divided into two ages divisions, 6 to 10 and 11 to 17.

Dodgeball is a great way to keep children active while having fun. Dodgeball promotes teamwork and develops arm strength, speed, flexibility and hand-eye coordination. Balls are made of soft fabric to prevent injury.

For more details on Youth Dodgeball, please contact the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Office at 931.645.7476 or visit recpro.cityofclarksville.com.


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