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Joe Pitts elected to Fiscal Review Committee

Nashville, TN – State Representative Joe Pitts (D-Clarksville) was unanimously elected by the Tennessee House of Representatives today to serve on the Fiscal Review Committee.  Rep. Pitts replaces long-time committee member Rep. Charles Curtiss, (D-Sparta) who recently left his seat in the TN House of Representatives to take a private sector job.

The Joint Fiscal Review Committee is one of several statutory oversight committees, created by statute in 1967 as a special continuing committee of the Tennessee General Assembly.

The group is composed of six senators and nine representatives and has many responsibilities within the General Assembly. The committee’s main responsibility is to conduct a continuing review of monetary legislation such as revenue collections, budget requests, and the state debt.

The committee also reviews fiscal notes for all general bills or resolutions which are introduced in the general assembly that have a monetary effect on the impacted area.

“It is an honor to represent my district and my colleagues in, what is for me, a new area of service,” said Pitts.  “At a time when all levels of government spending are under heavy scrutiny, the Fiscal Review Committee’s role is critical to maintaining the public trust.”

Representative Pitts was nominated by the House Democratic Leader Craig Fitzhugh, (D-Ripley), and seconded by House Republican Leader Gerald McCormick (R-Chattanooga).  The vote was unanimous from the House Tennessee General Assembly for Representative Pitts to join the Joint Fiscal Review Committee.

Representative Pitts also serves as a member of the Ethics Committee, the House Education subcommittee and full committee, and the Insurance and Banking Committee of the House.  He is also a member of the Family Impact Seminar, a task force studying the impact of state policy on the families of Tennessee.

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