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Fort Campbell’s Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH) offers School and Sports Physicals

Saturday appointments available July 26th and August 9th, focuses on TRICARE Prime seen in the network

Blanchfield Army Hospital - BACH - Fort Campbell KYFort Campbell, KY – Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH) patient-centered medical home teams are conducting school and sports physicals now for BACH-enrolled TRICARE Prime beneficiaries’ during regular medical home hours.

“As a parent, I understand how this physical can be forgotten until everyone starts thinking about going back to school but this is the perfect time to get it taken care of before summer gets into full swing,” said chief of primary care Col. David Brown. “I encourage all parents to go ahead and schedule their children’s school and sports physicals now before appointments get filled closer to the start of school.  Take care of those issues now, taking advantage of open appointments and beating the late summer rush in July and August when new families are transitioning onto post.”

Although all beneficiaries, including individuals enrolled to a network provider, may schedule an appointment for one of BACH’s School and Sports Physical Saturdays held July 26th and August 9th from 8:00am to 2:00pm at Byrd Medical Home, patients enrolled to BACH are encouraged to utilize regularly scheduled appointments Monday through Friday to avoid longer than normal wait times.

Patients seen by a BACH provider

Patients assigned to a BACH medical home may book appointments by calling the appointment line at 270.798.4677 or 931.431.4677, www.tricareonline.com , or by emailing your care team using RelayHealth, the Army’s Secure Email Messaging System.

BACH medical homes providing school and sports physicals include Byrd Family Medical Home, Air Assault Family Medical Home, Young Eagle Medical Home and the Screaming Eagle Medical Home.

TRICARE Prime patients seen by a network provider

“The focus for School and Sport Physical Saturdays is to allow TRICARE Prime network beneficiaries the opportunity to receive a sports physical without incurring a cost, since sports physicals are not a covered benefit for TRICARE beneficiaries assigned to a network PCM. We also want to ensure we have availability on the Saturdays for families who are new to the area,” said Brown.

TRICARE prime beneficiaries assigned to a network medical provider may schedule an appointment with their network primary care manager (PCM) for school or sports physicals or they may call for an appointment on one of the School and Sports Physical Saturdays using BACH’s appointment line at 270.798.4677 or 931.431.4677.

Sports Physical Saturdays will be held July 26th and August 9th from 8:00am to 2:00pm at the Byrd Family Medical Home, located in Building 7973, Thunder Boulevard (near Gate 10) at Fort Campbell.

What patients should bring to the School and Sports Physical appointments

To receive a school or sports physical, students must bring their immunization record (shot record) to the appointment. The BACH patient-centered medical home teams offer walk-in hours for immunization services to BACH enrolled patients from 8:00am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday. Immunizations may also be given before or after the school or sports physical examination is scheduled.

For a listing of immunization requirements for the Department of Defense Education Activity, Kentucky and Tennessee Schools, visit the following sites:


If other medical concerns arise during the school or sports physical examination, a follow-up appointment should be scheduled with your primary care manager in order to ensure proper time and attention is devoted to the medical need.

Routine physical exams are valid for one year and are required for the following students:

  • Any child entering Christian County or Clarksville-Montgomery County schools for the first time
  • Any student participating in school organized sports
  • Any youth participating in Fort Campbell’s organized sport programs
  • Any adolescent who enrolls in the 6th grade in Christian County or Fort Campbell Schools
  • Any adolescent who is entering the 7th grade in Tennessee

If your child had a school physical within the last 12 months, it will not be necessary to receive another physical. BACH medical home patients who do not need a new physical may contact their care team to have the required school forms completed. Paperwork may take up to three business days.

Patients unable to attend a scheduled school or sports physical appointment Monday through Friday should call the BACH appointment line to cancel at least two hours prior to the appointment. To cancel a Saturday appointment, please call the appointment line any time before 4:30pm on the Friday before your scheduled appointment, by July 25th or August 8th.

Special notes: Please remember to bring each child’s school or sports physical examination forms and immunization records to the appointment. It is important that you complete all required forms prior to the appointment. Children are asked to wear shorts and a short-sleeved shirt to facilitate the examination.


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