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106th annual Lone Oak Picnic brought out the Cunningham Community Saturday, as well as the Candidates

The Civitan ClubCunningham, TN – The Central Civitan Club held the 106th Annual Lone Oak Picnic on Saturday, July 27th, 2014 at the Central Civitan Building located on Alonzo Place. The picnic started at 10:00am and continued until 3:00pm.

The Civitan Club prepared 4 whole hogs, 30 shoulders and 300 chicken halves for the event. There was also ice cream, coke products and water available. It is estimated that just over 500 people turned out Saturday.

The famous Lone Oak Picnic Barbecue Sandwich.
The famous Lone Oak Picnic Barbecue Sandwich.

Musical entertainment was provided by the Back Lot Pickers. Donald Greene and Lucian Greene, along with Jimmy Meek on bass, started playing at 10:00am. They are a local favorite. Kyle Greene joined in on a few songs later in the the day.

“This is the 106th anniversary of the Lone Oak Picnic. The Central Civitan Club have been doing this for 40 something years now,” said Central Civitan member Larry Pitts. “We had a good turnout today.”

By 11:00am, the area around the tent was filled with people waiting on the candidates for this years elections to speak.

“We had 25 candidate here speaking today. A lot of good people were here listening to them. They know their votes important and the candidates were here to get their vote,” stated Pitts.

The Back Lot Pickers were the musical entertainment for the day.
The Back Lot Pickers were the musical entertainment for the day.

“It is a privilege to be able to speak with everyone at this marvelous event,” stated Credo Amouzouvik, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives District 7. “I really enjoyed speaking with those in attendance. I also enjoyed all of the great food the Central Civitan Club prepared for today.”

“This has been another great Lone Oak Picnic and Barbecue. The picnic has been going on since 1908. This is the 106th one so it’s a great Tennessee tradition not just Montgomery County when you have one that old. For the first one, Theodore Roosevelt was President. It’s great to be able to participate in something that has been around that long,” said Tim Barnes, running for Juvenile Court Judge. “There has been a great crowd here today. People are really interested in local politics. I think that is a credit to our democracy. I appreciate everyone coming out and all the candidates for coming out. It’s hot. Sometimes it’s a lot of work but I think it’s worth it.”

There were so many people at the picnic eating the famous barbecue sandwiches that the Civitan ran out of buns. Someone was sent quickly to get more. It didn’t matter though. Everyone just continued buying the barbecue and eating it without the bread. It was just that good.

This year’s picnic is dedicated to the memory of Lonnie Bumpus, longtime Montgomery County commissioner.

“It’s always great to come out to the Lone Oak Picnic every year and celebrate with friends and family. It is a historic event. I congratulate them on the 106th Central Civitan Lone Oak Picnic as we remember Mr. Lonnie Bumpus,” said Brenda Radford, Montgomery County Trustee.

The Memory Lane Cruisers put on a Car Show at the picnic Saturday.
The Memory Lane Cruisers put on a Car Show at the picnic Saturday.

The car show put on by the Memory Lane Cruisers delighted adults and children alike. There was also train rides and inflatables for the kids.

“Lone Oak is a tradition for candidates in Montgomery County. Every time election year rolls around they always have a fantastic crowd here. You have to be there if your a candidate. So it was great today,” stated Montgomery County Mayor Carolyn Bowers. “It always hot at Lone Oak but you expect that. It was a great crowd out here today and I really enjoyed it.”

“All the candidates are thankful for the opportunity to come and speak. Everyone knows that this is where you come as a candidate. I met many people who say I’m not going to vote for someone I haven’t met,” stated candidate for U.S. House of Representatives District 7 Dan Cramer. “When you see who shows, who doesn’t and who sends surrogates, for the voters, it tells a lot about what the candidates about.”

The Lone Oak Picnic is always a time for the local community to come out and talk with neighbors, family and friends while listening to music and enjoying some fine food. It’s also a good time to learn about the issues facing the community.

“All the candidates were out here to speak today. It was a really good picnic. I have been coming here since I was a teenager except for when I was in the military, 1949-1951,” said Homer Suiter. “The barbecue here is good. My wife has some that were taking home with us.”

“The Lone Oak Picnic is just a wonderful event. There’s nothing better than to get out and mingle with the folks here. There are some old friends here that I haven’t seen in awhile. It’s just a wonderful day and a wonderful time,” commented John Gassaway, Circuit Court Judge Part III.

“The Lone Oak Picnic has been going on now for 106 years. It’s just incredible to me that it has been going on this long. You do not see things like this in just any community,” stated Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson. “It’s always good to know you have people willing to put in the work and the effort to keep it going. It’s just very impressive. It’s a good thing they have going on out here.”

Everyone had a good time, talking with friends, neighbors and family while eating good food and listening to great music.
Everyone had a good time, talking with friends, neighbors and family while eating good food and listening to great music.

“We sure are appreciative to everyone that came out today. I want to give thanks to this community and everybody that has supported the Central Civitan and the Lone Oak Picnic,” said Pitts.

The Central Civitan has sponsored the Lone Oak Picnic since 1975. All the money raised is used in the communities south of the Cumberland River through several projects sponsored by the Central Civitan Club. The Central Civitan Club, for example, supports the local Boy and Girl Scout troops. The club provides financial assistance to victims of house fires in the community.

They also fund scholarships for and support many educational and extra-curricular activities of the students, teachers and staff at Montgomery Central High School, Montgomery Central Middle School and Montgomery Central Elementary School as well as Cumberland Heights Elementary School.

“Hope to see everyone again next year,” said Pitts. “The Lone Oak Picnic is held every year on the last Saturday of July.”

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