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Note from Tennessee State Representative Joe Pitts

Election 2014Dear Friends,

Recent election seasons have seen a rising number of candidates and their supporters, including me and mine, standing at the Montgomery County Veterans Plaza during early voting, waving signs at passers-by.

The new configuration of the parking lot however, makes this practice, in my opinion, a serious safety hazard and greatly slows entry to the Plaza for citizens arriving to vote, pay their taxes, renew their license tags, visit our wonderful library or other important reasons to visit the offices located there.

Often, I would see traffic backed onto Pageant Lane for people waiting to get into the parking lot but were slowed down.

This year, I have decided not to participate in the bi-annual ritual of standing, or asking those that volunteer to help to stand, and waving a sign during early voting.  It is a matter of safety for all and consideration of others’ convenience. This is a personal decision and is no reflection on the others who choose another option.

Thank you for understanding this decision.


Joe Pitts


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