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Clarksville Police Department gives report on overnight street conditions, February 17th

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – The Clarksville Police Department reports as of 5:00am, Tuesday Morning, February 17th, no city streets are closed, but many are barely passable. There have been twelve crashes in the last twelve hours. Five of those crashes involved injuries.

Police are still not aware of any loss of electricity anywhere in the city. CPD has also responded to 46 motorist assistance requests in the last twelve hours. All traffic lights are functioning. The roads are so bad in some areas that patrol cars are getting stuck. In one or two cases, tow trucks have even gotten stuck.

Road conditions are still horrible in Clarksville-Montgomery County.
Road conditions are still horrible in Clarksville-Montgomery County.

Shift supervisors in all three of Clarksville’s community policing districts continue to urge people to stay home if possible.

Fort Campbell Boulevard had numerous problems overnight. Drivers continue to hang up on frozen sludge mounds in front of parking lot entrances. Raised medians are deceptive because drivers often can’t see them under the snow.

Madison Street and Memorial Drive are two other areas experiencing a lot of motorist assistance requests. New Providence Road above the Cumberland River Bridge (Boot Hill) and Needmore Road have received a lot of attention from plows and salt trucks. They are better, but still difficult to navigate for many drivers.

Clarksville dispatchers report a lower than average number of police calls-for-service overnight, although there has been an uptick in domestic disturbances in District Three (East Clarksville). Civilian vehicle traffic has been very light.

Patrol officers are especially concerned about the increased speeds of motorists in the last few hours. Many of the streets appear to be clearer than they actually are. Some drivers are now trying to drive at or near the speed limit. The danger of this practice is serious.

The streets that look better at first glance have actually refrozen and are more dangerous than ever. The best answer is still to stay home if possible. If you have to get out, please slow down and use extreme caution.