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Internal Revenue Service says Don’t Miss Out on IRS Free File

IRS - Internal Revenue ServiceWashington, D.C. – Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Free File is a fast, safe and free way to file your federal tax return.

Free File does the hard work for you with either brand-name tax software or online fillable forms.

Here are five tips that you should know about Free File.

Five IRS Free File Tips

  1. Free Options for All.  There is a free option for everyone. People who make $60,000 or less – 70 percent of Americans – can choose easy-to-use software to do their taxes and e-file for free. People who make more than $60,000 can use Free File Fillable Forms, the electronic version of IRS paper forms.
  2. Free File Does the Hard Work.  IRS Free File is a partnership between the IRS and 14 tax software manufacturers that make their products available for free. You don’t need to be a tax expert. The software will help find tax breaks you may be able to claim but might overlook, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit. The software asks the questions; you supply the answers. It will choose the right tax forms and do the math for you. Free File can help also with the new health care law tax provisions.
  3. Free File on IRS.gov.  You can only access IRS Free File on IRS.gov/freefile. That way you will avoid any charges for preparing or e-filing your federal tax return. Once you choose a Free File company, you’ll go to their website to prepare, print and e-file your federal tax return.
  4. Free Extensions.  If you can’t make the April 15 deadline, you can use Free File to request an extension. Making the request is easy and free through IRS Free File. Just look for “free extensions” in the company offers. Remember, this is a six-month extension of time to file your tax return, not to pay your tax. If you think you owe, make an estimated payment with your extension request.
  5. Use IRS E-file.  Remember, the fastest way to get your refund is to combine e-file with direct deposit. If you owe taxes, you can e-file now and set up an automatic payment on any day until the April 15th due date. To view your options to pay visit IRS.gov/payments.

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