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Tennessee Titans trade Number One Pick in NFL Draft to Los Angeles Rams

Tennessee TitansNashville, TN – The Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Rams agreed to terms on a trade that would see Tennessee trade the number one overall pick, along with their fourth round (113 overall) and sixth round (177 overall) picks this year to the Rams, in exchange for the Rams first round pick (15), two second round (43 and 45) selections and third round (76) pick in 2016; along with the Rams first round pick and third round picks in the 2017 NFL Draft.

The Titans now own nine selections in the 2016 Draft, including six of the top 76 picks in the draft.

Tennessee Titans

“It is not often that you have the number one overall pick and we hope to not be in this position again, but we tried to use that pick as currency to work the draft and maximize player acquisition,” said Titans General Manager Jon Robinson. “Being able to acquire six picks in the top 76 this year and additional picks next year, not only helps our depth but gives us ammunition to move in this year’s draft and next.”

“I know we now have the number 15 pick, but I would say it doesn’t knock us out of any player except one. We now have the ammunition to work the draft and  acquire players that are good for this football team. In terms of timing, it made sense for us to do this now as it gives us time to adjust and make sure we target more players,” stated Robinson.

This marks the seventh trade involving the number one overall pick since 1990 and the first since 2004, when the San Diego Chargers selected Eli Manning and traded his rights to the New York Giants.

Trade Recap

Titans receive from Rams:

  • 1st round pick (15 overall)
  • 2nd round pick (43)
  • 2nd round pick (45)
  • 3rd round pick (76)
  • 1st round pick in 2017
  • 3rd round pick in 2017

Rams receive from Titans:

  • 1st round pick (1 overall)
  • 4th round pick (113)
  • 6th round pick (177)

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