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Nashville Rocker Rich Lynch Pens Moody Anthem for Standing Rock Movement


Rich Lynch BandNashville, TN – Nashville rocker Rich Lynch ( returns with a third new track in 2016 and his latest single “You Can’t Push Over a Standing Rock” takes a page out of one of his musical hero’s playbooks.

“You could say I’m doing the Neil Young thing with this one,” said Lynch of the timely new track recorded to help raise awareness about the happenings on the ground right now in North Dakota. “But, the reality is the subject matter for the song hit close to home and the lyrics arrived nearly fully formed as I tried to sleep one night – so I was compelled to record it as soon as possible.”

The new single from the Rich Lynch Band is flying off the digital shelves.

The new single from the Rich Lynch Band is flying off the digital shelves.

The recently located to Music City musician has friends from town who have been active at the Oceti Sakowin Camp since late September and they were a motivating factor in putting this track out.

“I have some brave friends who have put aside their own comfortable day-to-day lives in Nashville to fight for justice and the environment in harsh conditions,” Lynch said. “I don’t think I could do it but offering them a song was at least an option for me.”

Historically, music has been a galvanizing force in the face of hardship and that trend continues to this day. Legends like Dave Matthews and Jackson Browne have already lent their voices and time to perform benefit concerts for the cause. Neil Young visited the site in mid-November to perform a special show for the activists on his 71st birthday.

For Lynch, recording the song in Tennessee was the fulfillment of a life-long dream as he and his wife and co-writer Laura Turner Lynch only recently moved to Nashville after spending a lifetime on the East Coast.

Rich Lynch performs live in Nashville in 2016.

Rich Lynch performs live in Nashville in 2016.

“I always felt my destiny was elsewhere and there’s something intangible about being here in Nashville,” Lynch said about his 2015 relocation to the south. “Inspiration is literally on every corner and I think my guitar playing has improved just from osmosis or there’s something in the local water that comes from the musically famous Cumberland River.”

Speaking of water the Standing Rock Movement has grown out of a protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline that has seen thousands of activist join with the leaders of seven Native American tribes to protect their water supply that they say is in jeopardy as a result of the construction of the “black snake” that has stalled currently at the banks of the Missouri River. In recent weeks the standoff has taken an unfortunate violent turn and a recent ultimatum from the Army to vacate the land has many concerned for the safety of all involved.

“You Can’t Push Over a Standing Rock” is a three-minute and twenty second impartial look at the events unfolding on the Great Plains. It’s a rallying cry that people won’t simply be pushed around because the men with deep pockets can buy big, intimidating weapons. The track rises on a swamp groove and urgent chorus that channels classic Springsteen sitting in on a session by The Doors.

To get the job done Lynch chose the Nashville-based production team of Steve Creech and Mark Behm who have recently joined forces to fill a niche that provides a unique range of services to the Music City market. For an affordable hourly rate clients get access to a modern studio and two quality working musicians topped off with top-notch mixing and mastering.

“I brought a relatively undefined idea to this dynamic duo and they really brought it to life in a timely manner,” Lynch said of the song that was completed over the Thanksgiving break. “Steve pushed me to get the best vocal performance possible and Mark helped craft the words and created the underlying urgent vibe. Together, they both really understood what I was going for and they put an incredible amount of care into the project – we’re already talking about the follow-up.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of “You Can’t Push Over a Standing Rock” will be donated to organizations who are active on the frontlines at the Oceti Sakowin encampment.

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