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City of Clarksville prohibits parking on sidewalks

City of Clarksville - Clarksville, TNClarksville, TN – Clarksville’s Parking Commission has approved a new regulation that prohibits  parking on or obstructing any portion of a sidewalk.

The regulation, which amends the City parking code, is designed to enhance safety along the city’s sidewalks.

Clarksville City Hall
Clarksville City Hall

David Smith, the City’s Parking Manager, said the regulation will help Clarksville Police control parking on sidewalks that can occur in neighborhoods, which then restricts access to people who walk or run on the sidewalks.

Violation of the regulation, which is now in effect, is subject to a ticket and fine of up to $30.00 on a first offense.

Here is the wording of the new regulation, approved April 18th:

Item: Parking on and/or Obstructing Sidewalks

Replace the language of the fourth bullet point of Appendix A, “Parking Regulations,” Article I, Section II, with the following language:

  • (Prohibited) Parking on a sidewalk and/or obstructing any portion thereof.

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