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City of Clarksville to crack down on unruly juveniles at CTS Transfer Center

City of Clarksville

City of Clarksville - Clarksville, TNClarksville, TN – City of Clarksville Security Officers will begin cracking down on unruly juveniles who are causing problems at the downtown Transfer Center on Legion Street.

The juveniles are gathering at the Transfer Center, and staff members have seen fights, verbal harassment, and bad behavior that is making other Clarksville Transit System riders uncomfortable.

Clarksville Transit System Transfer Center
Clarksville Transit System Transfer Center

As a result, Security Officers — who are assigned to CTS facilities and other city offices — will start issuing written citations to the offending juveniles and summon them and a parent or guardian to appear before a Youth Services and Juvenile Probation Officer.

The court official will hear the complaint made against the juvenile and, if warranted, summon the youth before the Juvenile Court Judge, who could impose counseling, community service or other actions.

City of Clarksville officials obtained permission from the Juvenile Court last year to begin writing the citations, but held off as increased officer presence kept problems in check.

However, this month officers and transit officials saw an increase in unruly behaviors and announced they will begin writing citations as necessary.


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