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Clarksville Police reports Five Carjackings over the Weekend

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – The Clarksville Police Department reports that there were five carjackings in Clarksville between Friday, July 19th, 2019 and Sunday, July 21st. The carjackings occurred at different locations in Clarksville.

Two were in the 1500 block of Nolen Road. One was at the 1800 block of Waters Edge Drive. One occurred at the 300 block of Roselawn Drive. Another happened at the 100 block of Westfield Court.

The times varied from daylight to early hours of the morning. 

Police believe the crimes may be linked due to the similar methodology in each incident.

The similarities in the carjackings were:

  1. Victims were stopped in their vehicles either at home or at a location in close proximity of their residence;
  2. Each person was approached by multiple black males who were using hoodies or something else to cover their identities and a gun was brandished;
  3. In all instances except one, the victim was removed from the vehicle before the vehicle was taken.
  4. Each vehicle taken was recovered a short time later and in a few incidents, police spotted the stolen vehicle, at which time, it fled from police
  5. In most of the carjackings, the victims noticed a vehicle which got their attention and seemed suspicious before the carjacking took place.

Police also believe the stolen vehicles are being used to commit other crimes before they are abandoned.  A vehicle involved in a carjacking was determined to have been stolen from Memphis.

We offer the following suggestions to reduce the chance of being victims of a carjacking. 

It is not all inclusive or applicable in all instances:

  1. Carjacking is often a crime of opportunity, so remain aware of your surroundings, be aware and report suspicious activity, and have a plan should something occur.
  2. Carjackers typically strike when a person is getting in or out of a vehicle and alone.  Parking lots and dimly lit areas are some of the favorite spots.  So try to park in well- lit and populated areas.
  3. Lock your doors and keep your windows rolled up, Before and after you enter your vehicle, keep distractions to a minimum, and pay attention to your surroundings
  4. If a carjacking takes place, give up your vehicle. If there are children in the car, attempt to get them out and, if possible do not leave with the carjacker.
  5. There are many self-defense options available depending on your specific abilities.

There are two suspects in the attached video, linked to a carjacking, which police are trying to identify.  If anyone has any information, please contact Detective Carlton, 931.648.0656, ext. 5172, Tipsline, 931.645.8477, or go online and submit a tip anonymously at P3tips.com/591    


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