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Marsha Blackburn Discusses Huawei, USMCA, Taliban on Fox News’ The Next Revolution

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – Yesterday, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) joined the set of Fox News’ The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton for an hour-long, wide-ranging discussion on Huawei, China, the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement and more.

On Huawei

“In China, you do not know where the military ends and the commerce sector begins… Should we be blocking Huawei across the board? Absolutely… They are setting up their foundation for cyber warfare, which they fully believe is the way they are going to move to dominance.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn.
Senator Marsha Blackburn.

On the USMCA

“The USMCA has a tremendous amount of bipartisan support. If you’re with me in Tennessee, you’ve got the UAW, you’ve got teamsters, you’ve got the Farm Bureau, you’ve got the Chamber of Commerce, everybody is saying, ‘Put it on the board. Call the vote.’”

“When you look at the economy numbers for August, and you look at 3.7 percent unemployment, that it is the 18th straight month that we have been under four percent. So you do this so it picks up [Agriculture] trade with Canada, it helps with the auto manufacturing situation, and it gives you more activity. Wages are going to continue to increase. That is a good thing for American families.”

On Talks with the Taliban

“The American people are war-weary. They want this settled. President Trump made a commitment to do this. And we have seen a thousand Taliban killed in the last ten days. And what the president and Secretary Pompeo have tried to do is to get the Afghans working together…. Donald Trump is not afraid to walk away from a bad deal.”



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