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Leadership Middle Tennessee “We Lead Through Helping Hands” initiative to feed First Responders, Those Affected by recent Tornado

Leadership Middle TennesseeNashville, TN – Leadership Middle Tennessee (LMT), the regional leadership program that engages community and business leaders in the 10-county region of Middle Tennessee announced today the “We Lead Through Helping Hands” initiative which is already in full swing.

Please visit here to make donations.

Leadership Middle Tennessee - We Lead Through Helping Hands

Sunday evening, Sumner Regional Medical Center received 40 meals provided by the Hendersonville Demos’ restaurant. Sumner County resident and 2002 LMT alumnae Brenda Payne coordinated the efforts with Peter Demos (LMT 2010).

LMT is grateful for all of the generous donations received in just a few short days and are looking forward to seeing the impact this campaign will have on the region. The next county to participate is Montgomery. Our goal is to give relief in all 10 counties in short order.

Lee Rucks, president of Leadership Middle Tennessee says, “We are in an unprecedented time in our world and as I watch these great leaders that make up the over 500 participants over program’s 20 years; I am honored and humbled to see how they pull together as a group to find solutions to existing issues we face as a community. We are all in this together and really appreciate any donation you can give at this time.

Katlin Davis, a manager at Demos’ Restaurant in Hendersonville, and Jamie Woods, director of facility support at Sumner Regional Medical Center.
Katlin Davis, a manager at Demos’ Restaurant in Hendersonville, and Jamie Woods, director of facility support at Sumner Regional Medical Center.

“Sunday’s meal to the nurses and other staff at SRMC showed that you can make a difference and quickly when the need is present. So, thank you,” she continued.

Please visit www.leadmt.org for more information on the organization.

About Leadership Middle Tennessee

This eleven month program highlights historic and contemporary perspectives on relevant regional themes and features presentations by leading experts and key community leaders. Sessions employ a mix of interactive presentations, facilitated dialogue, behind-the-scenes visits and more. Session topics include Education and Workforce Development, Quality of Life, and a multitude of topics relevant to Middle Tennessee leaders and the area’s workforce.

Leadership Middle Tennessee was formed in 1999 as an initiative of Partnership 2000 to contribute to future planned and sustainable economic and community growth and development in the fast-growing 10-county area through the participation of community leaders in an annual regional leadership program.

Leadership Middle Tennessee is overseen by a regional board that is comprised of the Leadership Middle Tennessee alumni and business and community leaders. Leadership Middle Tennessee operates out of the Hendersonville office of Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC. Lee Rucks is the president, and Jill Ayers is chair of the Board of Directors. Visit www.leadmt.org for more information.

Leadership Middle Tennessee is now accepting applications for next year’s program. The deadline to sign up to be a part of this program is May 15th, 2020. Learn more about the applicaton process here.


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