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Clarksville City Council gets option to meet in-person

City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – Clarksville City Council members will have the option to attend public meetings in person starting with the June 15th, 2020 work session on the proposed Fiscal Year 2021 budget.

Clarksville City Hall
Clarksville City Hall

Plexiglass partitions have been installed between Council member’s workspaces in the Council Chambers to observe COVID-19 Coronavirus social distancing guidelines, but members still may choose to attend meetings online via Google Meet, a video conferencing platform.

City department representatives are being encouraged to continue joining Council meetings with Google Meet. Citizen comments during public hearings and open forums are invited in several formats:

Written comments must be received by the City Clerk at least 72 hours prior to meeting time; electronic comments or requests to make verbal comments at a kiosk in the City Hall lobby must be received at least 48 hours prior to meeting time.

“We are trying to gradually return to normal meeting procedures, while allowing the Council members to choose what’s best for them individually,” Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts said. “Some members have indicated they would like a chance for some face-to-face discussion of the budget.”

Council meetings will continue to be streamed live to the City’s website, www.cityofclarksville.com, streamed live and rebroadcast several times on CDE Channel 3.

City government has been conducting public meetings virtually since late March, when a Governor’s Executive Order allowed online meetings during the COVID-19 Coronavirus emergency.


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