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Blanchfield Army Community Hospital Pharmacies provide patients opportunity to reduce wait time


Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH)Fort Campbell, KY – Blanchfield Army Community Hospital’s Department of Pharmacy is now offering patients the opportunity to activate their new or refilled prescriptions for filling through

This new TOL Secure Messaging service enables patients to forgo standing in line twice, once to drop off their prescriptions and then a second time when they return to pick up their prescriptions. “This is a wonderful opportunity for all patients, those enrolled to a provider at Blanchfield and also patients who are enrolled to the network,” said Lt. Col. Michele Hudak, chief of Pharmacy.


Blanchfield Army Community Hospital on Fort Campbell, KY. (U.S. Army photo by Fred Holly)

Blanchfield Army Community Hospital on Fort Campbell, KY. (U.S. Army photo by Fred Holly)

Patients who have a new or refilled prescription request can utilize Pharmacy Secure Messaging via the TRICAREOnline Patient Portal to activate new medication requests. Patients can request new hard copy prescriptions for non-controlled, formulary medications by attaching the hard copy to the email but should present the actual hard copy to the pharmacy personnel at pick up.

Other uses for Pharmacy Secure Messaging, patients can send questions to a pharmacist, request their prescriptions be transferred to another pharmacy, provide information to the patient, such as change of process, hours, medication unavailability and answer formulary questions.

Hudak said, “Pharmacy Secure Messaging is for non-urgent, next-day requests. Continue to contact your provider for new prescriptions or to extend current prescriptions that have run out of refills. Patients will need to continue to take hard copy (paper) prescriptions for controlled medications like narcotics to the pharmacy to request it to be filled.”

Patients enrolled to a Blanchfield Soldier or Patient Centered Medical Home, who want to enroll in Pharmacy Secure Messaging, should follow the instructions below.

1. Once you log into your Secure Messaging account at you will select the Provider tab in the menu along the top of the page.

2. Above the gray bar you will see + Add Provider or Facility for [your name], select this.

3. Select or type-in the Doctor Pharmacy that identifies your providers practice:

Air Assault, Doctor Pharmacy (Apache, Blackhawk, Comanche, Huey)
Byrd, Doctor Pharmacy (Family, Wings of Destiny, Lifeliners)
LaPointe, Doctor Pharmacy (Strike, Bastonge, Rakkasan)
Gold, Doctor Pharmacy (Honor, Valor)
Young Eagle, Doctor Pharmacy (Flight, Soar)

4. This will send a message to your clinic to approve the doctor to be added to your account. (You will still be assigned to your Provider, this will not interfere with your PCM enrollment.)

5. Once your clinic has approved your Doctor Pharmacy as an additional provider, it will appear on your home screen when you log in.
Then you can begin requesting pharmacy services by sending messages to your Doctor Pharmacy. Enrolled beneficiaries can also choose Pharmacy, Fort Campbell Town Center if that is their preferred pharmacy.



For network beneficiaries (who do not see a BACH provider for primary care) to utilize Blanchfield’s Pharmacy Secure Messaging, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create an account at
Step 2: Under the website dropdown, select “Providers”
Step 3: Add “Pharmacy, Fort Campbell Town Center” &/or the “Doctor Pharmacy” associated with your primary care clinic (ex. Byrd, Doctor Pharmacy)

Once beneficiaries receive confirmation their request is approved, a secure message can be requested to the Pharmacy. Patients should expect to receive responses to secure messages within one business day.




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