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Austin Peay State University’s Weekly COVID-19 Update, November 1st

Austin Peay State University - APSUClarksville, TN – Austin Peay State University (APSU) knows everyone is tired of COVID-19 Coronavirus and eager for their lives to return to normal. We’ve worked so hard to keep our campus community healthy and safe. Now is not the time to give in to complacency and fatigue.


Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen a rise in reported COVID-19 Coronavirus cases in our community and across the nation.

Other countries also are seeing a resurgence in COVID-19 Coronavirus and imposing new lockdowns to combat the spread. Let’s do our part to mitigate the spread.

Please continue to distance, wear masks and avoid behaviors that put your health and safety at risk.

Testing Information

At APSU, we care about your health and wellbeing. For this reason, it is important that all COVID-19 Coronavirus testing be conducted using PCR methods. Why? Because antigen testing, often referred to as rapid testing, can be highly inaccurate.

Some research demonstrates that antigen tests are only 48% accurate — nearly the same accuracy as flipping a coin. Accordingly, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend anyone who obtains a negative antigen (rapid) test be retested using PCR methods to confirm their results.

PCR testing methods are the standard at APSU. Boyd Health Services collects samples using this method between 9:30am-noon, Monday-Friday, for any APSU member who is symptomatic, who has been exposed to someone who is COVID-19 Coronavirus positive, or who is a member of a formal surveillance testing program. The Montgomery County Health Department also collects samples for using this same methodology between 9:00am-2:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Drive-thru testing is available Monday-Friday, 7:00am-noon, at Boyd Health Services. It is recommended that visitors use this option whenever possible. Simply remain in your vehicle upon arrival and follow the signs. To save time, create an account at www.everlywell.com/registerbefore coming.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Supplies

Did you know you can get COVID-19 supplies from the Physical Plant? They have hand sanitizer, disinfecting sprays, disinfecting wipes, thermometers and other supplies. You can see what quantities are in stock on our COVID-19 dashboard.



You can request supplies by putting in a work order through SchoolDude. You can find that work order link on the Physical Plant website. If you are requesting a thermometer, please indicate whether you are requesting a temporal or forehead thermometer.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Supply Deliveries

Austin Peay State University Physical Plant employees Maurice and Jimmy. (APSU)
Austin Peay State University Physical Plant employees Maurice and Jimmy. (APSU)

The Physical Plant’s central receiving employees Maurice and Jimmy ensure our COVID-19 Coronavirus supplies are stocked and delivered to all campus locations. Thanks Maurice and Jimmy for all you do to keep our campus safe.

Please Self Report

Austin Peay State University relies on community members to report data regarding positive COVID-19 Coronavirus tests, exposures, self-quarantining, recovery from COVID-19 and being released from quarantine.



Even though we report positive cases to Austin Peay State University administrators, that does not mean the person contracted the virus on campus. It only means that a member of our community has tested positive. To make a report, fill out the form at the link below:


APSU Campus COVID-19 cases November 1st 2020

The numbers provided are active cases being tracked by University administration. Our data is reliant upon students, faculty and staff filling out the COVID-19 Coronavirus form on the APSU COVID-19 Website, www.apsu.edu/coronavirus


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