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Leading Through Black Excellence by APSU: Harold Wallace III

Austin Peay State University - APSUClarksville, TN – Harold Wallace III plays a critical role in serving African American students on the Austin Peay State University (APSU) campus.

He leads the programming aspects of the Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center, leads the Achievers and Scholars mentoring program for Black male students, collaborates with the African American Studies program and serves on a wide range of committees for the University.

Harold Wallace III
Harold Wallace III

Naturally, he was nominated to participate in the AAEC Town Hall on police brutality, and then he willingly jumped in to lead the Student Affairs committee.

The committee is responsible for being a liaison between the council and the student affairs department.

The Student Affairs Committee has the responsibility of staying aware of any student affairs policy or policy changes that may affect our African American faculty, staff and students while developing opportunities to foster relationships with our student population by way of programming, support of student organizations and retention initiatives.

Wallace impacts and displays excellence through his excellent student-focused programming for the WNDAACC. Our students trust him and his leadership, and they know he has their best interest at heart.

Additionally, he is regularly the only Black person in a wide variety of settings across campus. He handles that reality with grace and with an eye toward improving the APSU community through his work. Wallace is an outstanding role model for the APSU community. Because he is the public face for the WNDAACC, he must regularly toggle between his work with students, his work as a student affairs professional and his work with the greater Clarksville Community.

He leads by example and is a role model for students, many of whom may never have interacted with a Black male in a leadership position. During his time at APSU he has served on several committees, led forums and co-presented with faculty, staff and students on issues concerning social injustices and student engagement.

Harold Wallace is currently leading a wide range of Black History Month events for the WNDAACC and the campus community. In the next two weeks, there are programs on Afro-futurism, Black Home Ownership, and Music Production, and the center is hosting the event, “A Night of Melanin Magic,” which will feature the artistic talents of our students.  Mr. Wallace, we salute you for continuing to lead students through Black excellence.

– APSU African American Employee Council


Leading Through Black Excellence is a new Black History Month series, presented by the Austin Peay State University African American Employee Council. Throughout February, we will highlight examples of “Leading Through Black Excellence,” both on and off our campus. Individuals and organizations were nominated, and we are pleased to share their incredible stories through this new venture. For more information, please visit our website. www.apsu.edu/aaec.


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