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Blanchfield Army Community Hospital to offer Saturday COVID-19 vaccination day to all TRICARE beneficiaries May 1st

Blanchfield Army Community Hospital Public Affairs

Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH)Fort Campbell, KY – Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH) is offering a Saturday COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccination day to all TRICARE beneficiaries ages 16 and older, May 1st, 2021.

Minors ages 16 and 17 need a parent or legal guardian to accompany them at the vaccination site to sign the required vaccination paperwork. No other visitors should accompany anyone receiving the vaccine unless a medical attendant is required; however, couples may schedule individual appointments during the same time block.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine
COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine

“Fort Campbell has only administered the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, said Col. Patrick T. Birchfield, Blanchfield Army Community Hospital commander.

The Pfizer vaccine is administered in two doses 21 days apart. Beneficiaries will need to be available to return at least 21 days later for the second dose. Beneficiaries should use the Dose 2 link on the hospital’s website to schedule their second dose appointments.

“The COVID-19 vaccine continues to be proven safe and effective. A CDC report found both Pfizer’s and Moderna’s vaccines reduced the risk of infection by 80 percent after the first dose and 90 percent following the second dose.”

To schedule your COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccine appointment at Fort Campbell go to the hospital’s webpage at https://blanchfield.tricare.mil and select either the Dose 1 COVID-19 vaccine or Dose 2 COVID-19 vaccine link, depending on which vaccine dose is needed. These links will open a form, requesting the following information: DOD ID number, first and last name, and contact information, including an email address. The DOD ID number is on military, dependent, and most retiree ID cards.

Currently, the only means to schedule a COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccine appointment is by using the hospital’s website. Scheduling vaccine appointments online helps manage appropriate doses and personnel providing vaccines. COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccinations are available by appointment only at the Fort Campbell Passenger Processing Center located at 7162 Hedgerow Road.

Following CDC guidance and installation policy, BACH continues to practice social distancing and appropriate visitor policies. For this reason, only patients who are scheduled to receive the vaccine are able to enter the Passenger Processing Center unless there is a need to assist the patient due to health circumstances. Childcare may be available through the Fort Campbell Family Child Care program for parents with young children.

To learn more about the COVID-19 Coronavirus vaccine visit www.CDC.gov


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