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Marsha Blackburn calls out Joe Biden Administration for Ignoring Crisis at Southern Border

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) joined Maria Bartiromo to discuss Biden’s border crisis and the midnight flights of migrant children to Chattanooga Tennessee.

President Joe Biden is Making Tennessee Pay for His Policy Mistakes

 “What we know is that the Joe Biden administration is absolutely living in fantasyland if they are telling people that the border is secure. They have apprehended 500,000 illegal entrants since Joe Biden took office.”

“What they’ve begun to do is to move them out and about around the country, so that they are off-loading the cost for the housing, child services, health care, education, to the states and the counties.”

“What we have found out is that they have these planes coming into Chattanooga putting these children on buses and then taking them to communities around the area.”

Free Travel for Cartel-Sponsored Migrants

 “The only sponsor we know [these illegal migrant children] have is the cartel. That they are paying to bring them to that border, and then have them cross that border raise their hands and say ‘asylum.’”

 Re-Instating Remain in Mexico Policy

“President Donald Trump did a great job securing the border working with border patrol to meet their needs. Now what we are hearing form border patrol, ICE, local law enforcement this thing is out of control. They cannot keep up. They are apprehending and then they are having to release into country these individuals that are not just from Mexico or Central America, they are from 160 different countries around the globe. The cartels are the ones that charge, so U.S. taxpayer is finishing the cartel’s job for them.”


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