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BBB warns of Phony Instagram Influencers Selling Fake Wigs

Better Business Bureau - BBBNashville, TN – Social media is rife with misleading ads [1], but sometimes con artists go a step further. They create social media accounts, build (or buy) a following, and con consumers into paying big bucks for products [2] or services [3] they never plan to deliver. Recently, BBB Scam Tracker [4] has seen an increase in reports of social media scammers selling (allegedly) high-end wigs. 
You find a social media account, typically on Instagram, that features professional-looking photos and gorgeous wigs. The “influencer” claims to be a professional stylist who works with celebrities and seems to have a substantial following.

Scam Alert

You contact the seller and they offer you a deal on the wig you showed interest in.

When you accept, they ask for payment through a digital wallet app [5]. After you’ve sent the money, the seller promises to deliver the wig by a certain date.

The scammer may ask for extra money to make your wig just right.
When your wig arrives, it looks nothing like the one in the photos! Or you might never receive any wig at all. When you try to contact the seller to find out what happened, they claim they will deliver it soon, or they simply deny the sale ever happened. Either way, if you press for a refund the seller will block you and disappear.
One victim told BBB Scam Tracker that she spent $900 on a wig that never arrived. After trying to get a refund, the Instagram influencer she purchased from blocked her—as well as posted her home address.

“She told me she’s blocking me permanently and she’ll be in touch via her attorney. Never did I hear anything from any law practice. And never did I get my money back,” the victim reported. “To make the situation worse, the lady started posting my private HOME address on her public Instagram account for everyone to see. I trusted her with my sensitive information and she publicly leaked it!”

Spot a social media sales scam:


For More Information

Learn more about avoiding scam social media ads [1] when shopping online. Read about how to spot a phony social media account [7].
For more advice, read BBB’s tips on online shopping [8]. If you’ve spotted a scam (whether or not you’ve lost money), report it to BBB.org/ScamTracker [9]. Your report can help others avoid falling victim to scams. Find more information about scams and how to avoid them at BBB.org/AvoidScams [10]