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Senator Marsha Blackburn Rebukes Milley over Leaking Information to Journalists. Calls for Resignations

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) rebuked General Mark Milley during the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing over his misplaced priorities, including leaking critical information during conversations with authors. 

General Milley Leaked Information To Journalists

You had these conversations with the authors, but you don’t see that as leaking information to which they were not entitled to know… As a member of this committee, and as someone who represents a lot of our men and women in uniform, as we’ve referenced today, I’ve really got an issue with the fact that you will talk to authors, but then you all come in here and you say, ‘well, we can’t tell you what we told the President.’”

“And then, I have to drag it out of you that the written documents, which under Article Two, you’re supposed to give those to us… You’ve repeatedly told this committee that you will not reveal your private conversations with President Joe Biden, but then you’ve leaked this information from your meetings with President Donald Trump. So, it is important to us that you truthfully respond to us on this.” 

Milley’s Focus Should Have Been On Afghanistan And Military Families

I think what you did with making time to talk to these authors, burnishing your image, building that bluster, but then not putting the focus on Afghanistan and what was happening there. General Milley, that is really disappointing to me.”

“I know it’s disappointing to people that have served with you or under your command. And it does not serve our nation well. You talked a little bit earlier about the damage, and you said damage was the right word to use when assessing what has happened in Afghanistan, when you look at America’s credibility… I think a lot of these families right now, they don’t feel like you have their back.

Americans Are Angry, And Resignations Are Needed

Maybe we’re going to remember you three as the three that broke the military, but this is causing just a lot of anger from people who have trusted the military. They have felt like the military was one of the most trustworthy institutions, but in order to get a name in a book, in order to not be drawn into a political fight, what you have managed to do is to politicize the U.S. military, to downgrade our reputation with our allies.”

“Nobody has submitted their resignation, and we’ve got thousands of people watching this hearing today that are looking at you all and saying, ‘I can’t believe they’re sitting there and not answering the questions and are trying to punt.’


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