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Tennessee National Guard receives National Environmental Awards

Tennessee National GuardNashville, TN – Every year, the National Guard Bureau’s Installations and Environment Directorate recognizes states for outstanding accomplishments in environmental stewardship.

On February 3rd, the Tennessee National Guard’s Construction and Facilities Management Office Environmental Program was awarded the NGB Installation Division’s 2021 Environmental Stewardship Trophy for best overall environmental program.

Presented to the state or territory with the highest overall score in cleanup, conservation, energy, and construction, Tennessee achieved the maximum allotted score in conservation, in addition to high scores in the other sections, helping them take home the prestigious trophy.
Conservation and compliance is crucial to the National Guard’s environmental responsibilities. The Department of Defense owns 8.8 million acres of land in the United States, with 13,790 acres managed by the Tennessee National Guard. Land conservation is vital to the future force readiness.
“The Army is a good steward of its property,” said retired Command Sgt. Maj. Greg Turner, Tennessee National Guard’s Environmental Program Manager. “Our job is to ensure these properties remain in good condition so we can continue to utilize them for training. We exercise our due-diligence and take in future considerations when planning projects within our state. Our team has done a great job at executing our program, and being recognized is a great honor.”

Tennessee also received an Environmental Security Award for multiple natural resources conservation projects at Catoosa’s Volunteer Training Site. The environmental team successfully managed a threatened plant species population that is now flourishing as well as surveyed a rare, threatened, and endangered species of bat. Tennessee’s Species Team supported bat habitat improvements with innovative solutions for constructing artificial housing structures. They also conducted radio telemetry surveys to track habitat use, identify roosts, and locate maternity colonies of the endangered bat species.

“To be acknowledged as one of the best states in the nation means we’re working together as a team,” said Turner. “All of our sections within the CFMO form one big program, and we all work together in harmony to achieve this success.”

Tennessee’s CFMO was also recognized as the region three winner by NGB’s Installations Division for the best overall performance in their various programs. That division recognizes one state in each of the seven regions for their environmental program, military construction execution, budget estimation, property management, CFMO certification, energy management, and installation status reporting.

“Tennessee’s program excels because of the efforts of all the state and federal CFMO employees dedication, and all their relationships with the other Tennessee National Guard directorates, state, and federal agencies,” said Col. Andrew Milligan, director of the Tennessee National Guard’s CFMO. “This is an award for the entire team.”


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