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Marsha Blackburn Report: Tennesseans Are Fed Up With The Culture Wars

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – From promoting a Supreme Court nominee who can’t define the word ‘woman’ to egging on almost unprecedented levels of inflation, there is no doubt that the Biden administration’s agenda is failing the American people.

During my telephone town hall with middle and east Tennesseans, 95% of poll participants voted that it is important for a Supreme Court Justice to know the difference between a man and a woman and 98% of poll participants said they felt the impact of rising grocery prices, living costs, and gas prices.

Tennesseans are fed up! Joe Biden might try to pass off responsibility to the media or Russian President Vladimir Putin, but we know that his policies are to blame.

Weekly Rundown

The NCAA has a well-established history of back room deliberations that produce unfair punishments for athletes, coaches, and universities. With the emergence of new “name, image, and likeness” (“NIL”) rules, it is more important than ever to address the systematic failures that have eroded league fairness. That’s why I introduced the NCAA Accountability Act to establish much-needed due process and shine a light on unfair treatment from NCAA leadership.
The supply chain crisis caused in part by our reckless dependence on Communist China has underscored the importance of strengthening American manufacturing. This week, the Commerce Committee approved the Strengthening Support for American Manufacturing Act. This legislation I introduced with Senator Gary Peters will streamline federal support and establish a more unified approach to policy for the manufacturing community in Tennessee and across the U.S.

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s carefully crafted responses to the Senate Judiciary Committee about her record may have made liberal activists cheer, but for Tennesseans reading between the lines, her answers raised serious concerns about her ability to execute the most important duty of a Supreme Court Justice: safeguarding the Constitution. Tennesseans want a Justice who will preserve their rights, not a judicial activist who will attempt to make policy from the bench.

Marsha’s Roundup



I sent a letter to the White House demanding the Joe Biden administration provide transparency on the speed, specifics, and supply of lethal aid provided to Ukraine.

This week, I responded to new policy changes from the Joe Biden administration that will overturn President Donald Trump’s “Remain In Mexico” policy and exacerbate the crisis at our southern border.

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