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Clarksville City Council approves FY22 Budget Amendment

First Reading For Spring Creek Parkway Project

15 Parcels are included in Ordinance to alleviate Traffic Congestion

City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – The Clarksville City Council approved on Thursday evening during a regular session an ordinance amending the operational and capital budgets for fiscal year 2022 to create and add additional funding, totaling $27,460,000, for capital budgets.

The amended budget will fund the community’s much-needed downtown parking garage to accommodate the exploding downtown growth and provide parking for the upcoming F&M Bank Arena, the future Roxy Regional Performing Arts Center, and evolving downtown businesses.

Of the $27.4 million, the City will use $7.4 million to cover the costs of critical repairs, improvements, and renovations for the existing Cumberland Garage, Frosty Morn revitalization project, Smith-Trahern Mansion repairs, and Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Multi-modal projects; such as sidewalks and bus stops along several City streets that are in fact State-maintained roads.

The Council also adopted, on first reading, Ordinance 107-2021-22, which gives the City the necessary authority to exercise the right of eminent domain to acquire portions of 15 properties. The portions will, with minimal disruption, primarily provide access and construction easements and small amounts of right-of-way to facilitate the continuing construction of the Spring Creek Parkway project.

Chris Cowan, senior engineering manager for the City Street Department, said for over 20 years, the City of Clarksville has been analyzing multiple ways to alleviate the traffic congestion and enhance the City’s transportation system. The Spring Creek Parkway will help do that.

In 2021, after multiple extensive studies, Transportation 2020+ came into fruition, consisting of priorities for streets, sidewalks, greenways, and public transportation for the near future and beyond. In a study released by the City, 64% of local citizens surveyed favored the transportation plan.

Transportation 2020+ includes the Spring Creek Parkway project. The project is a three-phase, three-mile section of roadway connecting Trenton Road to Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and into Ted Crozier, Sr. Boulevard.

In a presentation given by Cowen to the City Council on April 28, he projected up to 40,000 vehicles using the parkway after its completion.

“This particular project connects some of the highest density residential areas in the City with the highest density commercialized areas,” said Cowan. “It’s highly needed, and it’s probably the biggest single roadway project that we have on our books right now. I’m excited to move forward.”

In total, 15 parcels are included in this ordinance. Five are for temporary construction easements; another five are for permanent slope and drainage easements, plus temporary construction easements. The City will purchase portions of the remaining parcels from the owners.

For more information about Transportation 2020+, visit www.cityofclarksville.com/1043/Transportation-2020.


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