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Killebrew Development project presented to Montgomery County Commission

Montgomery County Government TennesseeMontgomery County, TN – Regional Planning Commission Director, Jeff Tyndall addressed the Montgomery County Commission  and a full gallery on Monday, regarding the proposed Killebrew Development project.

“We’re here to present to you for approval, the Killebrew Development project, CZ-09-2022,” Tyndall said. “This is for 307 acres currently zoned 0-1/AG/El requesting to go to MXU-PUD for a mixed use planned development. The property fronts Rossview Road at the intersection of Rossview and Kirkwood Road.”

Tyndall talked about services for the area, including gas & water, electric, fire etc. He explained that this planning and development plan was different from open ended zoning changes that often come before the Commission. He showed slides of the illustrative master plan which includes two areas of high-density residential, a main street district in the middle featuring family homes, town-homes, apartments, retail, apartments over retail, a school system, athletic fields, a nature center, recreational preserve and more.
Tyndall explained the purpose of mixed use zoning – “To create pedestrian oriented neighborhoods by encouraging a variety of housing choices, retail, office, restaurant, and public facilities or institutions that are less automobile-dependent. MXU is designed to promote flexibility in design standards.

Jeffrey Tyndall, Director, Regional Planning Commission
Jeffrey Tyndall, Director, Regional Planning Commission

“The Killebrew Development project meets all the necessary zoning standards, … it comes in at 4.5 units per acre,” Tyndall said. “The required fire department 8-minute response time is difficult in the county, with volunteer fire stations. As a solution, the developer has agreed that all structures on the property will be sprinkled, which will allow emergency response times to be greater.”

He then touched on a major concern of Clarksville-Montgomery County residents, the development’s impact on traffic.

“Traffic impact studies were done, and it’s important to state this because there is a lot of confusion on this issue,” Tyndall said. “It is the current road project on Rossview Road that drove the widening of Rossview Road, not this project. Rossview road was always going to be widened, with the implementation of the school system out there, and that project is well on its way. Road widening concerns should not weigh on your decision regarding this project.

“You will be approving a preliminary concept. We will implement the final plan to whatever is approved by the County Commission. This will be done in sections. We will not take just one bite of this apple, it will be several. It will take nine or ten bites over the next ten to twenty years to complete this project, but everything will be reviewed by the planning commission. Engineering for the applicant has agreed that we will review traffic impact at every step along the way.”

Tyndall went on to explain that the model planners are dealing with shows a tri-school complex that’s not built, a roadway that’s not built, and a subdivision that’s not built.

Jeffrey Tyndall, Director, Regional Planning Commission. (Tony Centonze, Clarksville Online)
Jeffrey Tyndall, Director, Regional Planning Commission. (Tony Centonze, Clarksville Online)

“When we model this in a computer simulation, it takes a bunch of unknowns, and gets more and more conservative in its estimates,”Tyndall said. “Once we see it operating in real life, when subdivisions have more connectivity, and other roads get approved, the way people travel starts to play out in real life. Then, we’ll be able to realistically address those changes at every stage along the way.

“The County Commission will be approving the overall concept plan, the road and building typology, the gross density of the project, the boundaries of the project, and the major road alignment. Any significant adjustments for the type or intensity of proposed uses would have to come back to the County Commission. Of course, some variances are allowed in the proposal.”

Tyndall went into great detail on the minutiae of the project, and then opened the floor for questions from the commissioners.
Commissioner Pritchard asked if this project was similar to one in Pleasant View, Tennessee. Tyndall confirmed that this project is similar in quality and style but on a larger scale.
“I’ve been there,” Pritchard said. “It’s very efficient and very nice. It’s nice to be able to walk around the community to the stores and restaurants along the walkways. It might be something, if everyone gets a chance, to take a look at.”

County Commissioner Rashidah Leverett
County Commissioner Rashidah Leverett

Commissioner Leverett asked about the fire protection issues. “If this project is approved, have you talked to EMA staff? Will this body have to consider funding and building a new EMA station in that area? And, would you explain in more detail the meaning of  ‘sprinkling of all structures.’”

Commissioner Woodruff added, “ … at some point in time we’re going to have to address the volunteer fire department. It just doesn’t make sense for us to keep approve zoning cases when nobody’s manning these fire stations in the county. We are going to have to address that sooner than later.”

Commissioner Gannon said, “In the drawings there is a picture of a library. Are they building a library” If so, who is running it? How are they funding it?” Tyndall said the designers were there and would be answering those questions.

Tyndall addressed questions on fire safety concerns, traffic concerns and more. After he spoke, Mayor Jim Durrett opened the floor for comments, for or against the project, with each side limited to three. All of the evening’s commenters were applauded for their opinions. There was support on both sides of the issue.

Dr. Brad Moser, President, Clarksville Christian School
Dr. Brad Moser, President, Clarksville Christian School

As a proponent of the project, Dr. Brad Moser, President of Clarksville Christian School, spoke. “Our school continues to grow, right along with Montgomery County. Like our beloved community, we also want to make sure that we are growing the right way. That means planning, not just for the days ahead, but for decades ahead.”


“CCS is honored that we’ve been asked to be part of this endeavor. Our plans include classrooms, athletics facilities, a center for the arts and more. Our community needs greater access to childcare and after school programs. A new campus at Killebrew would present us with the unique opportunity to help Clarksville-Montgomery County address these pressing needs. I invite you to sit down with me for just thirty minutes, and take a look at the future, and the ways we would like to better serve this community.”

Teresa McCraw, Co-Owner McCraw Strawberry Farm
Teresa McCraw, Co-Owner McCraw Strawberry Farm

Speaking against the project was Teresa McCraw. “I lived across from one of the prettiest farms I’ve ever seen. I’ve lived there with Billy for 41 years. For 23 years I drove these country roads as a school bus driver. When the kids started acting up I would remind them that they were privileged to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I love my Tennessee sunrise. These last few years, all the rezoning of family farms has greatly reduced the charm.”

McCraw asked important questions about the plan, regarding the will of the people, light and noise pollution, the sunshine laws, and how the dreams of others to live in a quiet setting are destroyed by these changes.

“I meant to bring a strawberry to show you my heart, but we sold them all, they’re beautiful, ” McCraw said, “But, I ask you, when agriculture is zoned out of the county, what are you going to eat? Agriculture happens in this county, stop canceling it.”

The Commission meeting lasted for more than two hours. CZ-09-2022 will be voted on at the Commission’s May 9th meeting.

Link to the Killebrew Development Project Master Plan

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