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Fort Campbell Soldier Recovery Unit Soldiers receive Equine Therapy

Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH)Fort Campbell, KY – Soldiers assigned to the Soldier Recovery Unit on Fort Campbell, Kentucky, had the opportunity to receive Equine Therapy through a partnership with Hope & Healing at Hillenglade and their founder Jenn O’Neill.

This partnership has been ongoing every three months for the past 5 years (with a temporary break during the peak of COVID) where a group of up to six Soldiers get to visit the Hillenglade horse farm for three days.

During their visit they learn about the horses; how to care for them; and how to interact, react, connect, and build trust between themselves and the animal.
“I love life, I love healing, and I love hope, and that is what this farm is all about,” said Jenn O’Neill. “We’ve served over 4,000 Military members and their families since 2010. I think that it’s imperative that the public sector steps up for our military heroes and their families.”


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