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Clarksville Police Department reports recent Stolen Vehicles, Vehicle Burglaries

Clarksville Police urges Citizens to “Park Smart”

Clarksville Police Department - CPDClarksville, TN – In the last two months, the Clarksville Police Department (CPD) has responded to ninety-nine (99) reported stolen vehicles and one hundred and twenty-four (124) vehicle burglaries.

Since January 1st, there have been thirteen (13) firearms stolen out of these vehicles. The common denominator in a majority of these reports is that the vehicles were left unlocked and the keys or key fob was left inside the vehicle and in some instances, the vehicle was left running and unoccupied.

The Clarksville Police Department continues to urge the public to “Park Smart”.

  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Secure your valuables (including firearms).
  • Take your keys/key fob with you.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle running and unattended.

Many of these crimes are deemed a crime of opportunity and involves juveniles. We have had numerous “car hoppers” going through subdivisions looking for unlocked vehicles. Recently, the CPD has been involved with a repeat juvenile offender.

On December 21st, 2022, a juvenile was arrested in Nashville and charged with theft of property when he was found in possession of a vehicle that had been reported stolen on December 12th from Clarksville.

On Tuesday, January 24th, the same juvenile was arrested, this time in Clarksville, after being found in a vehicle that had just been reported stolen in Clarksville.

In both cases, the vehicles were left unlocked and the key/keyfob was left inside. The juvenile was initially transported to a juvenile detention facility in Rutherford County, but then released to his parents in Nashville.

“The cost to the taxpayers is staggering when you calculate the number of man-hours that Clarksville police officers have spent taking reports, investigating, and prosecuting these crimes, considering that a majority of these acts are preventable,” said Clarksville Police Chief David Crockarell.

“Over the last year, we have repeatedly asked the citizens to lock their vehicles, and doing this greatly reduces their chances of being a victim. Additionally, the amount of time spent transporting juveniles to and from facilities outside of our jurisdiction continues to detract from the day-to-day operations of our officers.

“We continue to allocate resources and extra patrols in the affected areas and we urge the citizens to be vigilant and help us continue to make Clarksville a great place to work and live,” Chief Crockarell stated.


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