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CDE Lightband completes restoration of power to Clarksville Residents

Clarksville Department of Electricity - CDE - CDE LightbandClarksville, TN – CDE Lightband is happy to report that every Clarksville customer that can be reconnected has been. CDE does have several customers still out of power but mainly due to riser issues and/or other repairs needed on the home.

If the customer’s Service Mast/Riser is damaged and/or needs replacing, CDE Lightband will come out and disconnect the power lines (unless they’re already disconnected), but the homeowner will have to have the Service Mast/Riser repaired by an electrician.

Once that is done, CDE Lightband can reconnect its lines and restore service.

However, an inspection by Building and Codes will have to be done within 7 days.

About CDE Lightband

CDE Lightband, the municipal electric and broadband provider for the City of Clarksville, offers electric, internet, video and voice services to customers within the Clarksville city limits. CDE Lightband serves over 80,000 metered homes and businesses with electric service and nearing 30,000 customers with broadband services over our Fiber to the Premise Network.

CDE Lightband provides reliable utilities delivered at the speed of light. Our service area, consisting of 100 square miles within the municipal boundaries, includes 892 miles of power lines and 960 miles of fiber optic cable.

Our world-class Fiber Optic Network keeps electric costs low and allows us to deliver exceptional products and constant innovation. The network provides savings of over $1 million annually in operating costs and provides over $5 million annually in income for electrical grid improvements that result in half as many large scale power outages compared to peer cities.

Additionally, access to our network increases home values by 3% or an average of over $5,000, according to the Fiber to the Home Council. Based in large part on access to the superior digital products provided by CDE Lightband, Clarksville has been designated a first 50 “Next Century City.”

CDE Lightband offers Electricity, Internet, Digital TV and Telephone services with blazing fast speed and superior performance … with the additional convenience of 24/7 local support and bundling all your utilities into a single bill.

Our staff includes 200 full-time employees, a management team with over 100 years of combined industry expertise and governance provided by a board of five local business leaders.

For more information, visit their website at www.cdelightband.com


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