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    Blayne ClementsI am a 30 something graduate from Austin Peay State University, where I graduated in 1997 with two majors (Accounting and Finance). I am a very happily married man, with one beautiful daughter. I enjoy a professional life of public service and a personal life of travel, reading, music, and always trying to learn from others.


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    When dies… will the act of downloading music

  has been bought by Apple, and I predict the “music download” is going the way of the 8 track.

    For those not familiar with, site users can do three things – 1) listen to any song, in their surprisingly jam-packed database, once all the way through for free, 2) download a song for 89 cents,  or 3) pay for access to a song via the website for around 10 cents a song.   It’s the third option that will forever change how we access music. «Read the rest of this article»

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    Spring Fling at Dunbar Cave this Saturday


    Save the Date!  This Saturday, May 1st, is the Annual Spring Fling at Dunbar Cave State Park. Outdoor activities for the entire family start at 7:00 am with a Bird Hike and ends with canoeing on Swan Lake in the afternoon.

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    Music Video as an Art Form


    A few weeks ago in Newsweek, it mentioned a music video by the foursome “Ok Go” for their song ” This Too Shall Pass.”  The description mentioned a Rube Goldberg, it peaked my interest, but I never went and sought out the video.

    Recently it crossed mind.  So I went and found it, and thoroughly enjoyed watching it.

    "This too shall pass" Rube Goldberg Version (Edwin Roses)

    "This too shall pass" Rube Goldberg Version (Edwin Roses)

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    Radio Talk Show Hosts vs. Common Sense – BUY GOLD!


    Anyone listening to talk radio hears the talking heads push gold as a sound investment.  Conservative shock jock Micheal Savage does it,  Glenn Beck does it,  Liberal talkers Randi Rhodes and Thom Hartmann do it, even though I can’t find a link for you.  How can corporate hating liberals and “return to the gold standard” conservatives agree on gold as a good investment?  But they also agree on other sponsors, such as Gotomypc, just to name one….but let’s get back to gold.

    Dave Ramsey, a Christian financial adviser radio talker, says this idea that gold is a good investment is a myth.  Ramsey says: «Read the rest of this article»

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    Law of Supply and Demand is Not Always Followed in Business


    Are there any flaws in the economic theory of supply and demand?

    Here is a quick overview of the economic theory of supply and demand.  As demand rises, prices go up.  As demand declines, price declines.  So when a lot of people want “Beanie Babies”, people will pay outrageous prices (price increases) because so many people want them (demand increases.)  For the opposite, think about the price of “Beanie Babies” now.  So are there instances where people pay less for a popular item as the supply of that popular declines?

    “The Wisdom of Crowds” by James Surowiecki provides an example where the laws of supply and demand are NOT followed.  Movie tickets.  Movie goers pay the same for a ticket on opening night (high demand)as they do on the closing night (low demand.)  Why is that?  Movie theaters recognize supply and demand by offering cheaper matinee prices.  Aren’t movie theaters losing revenue because they are not following the laws of supply and demand?  The die hard Star Wars fan whose been camping outside for three days dressed up like Darth Vader would definitely pay more than $12 to see the movie on opening weekend. «Read the rest of this article»

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    Clarksville looking for public input on Master Plan establishes web based survey


    Recently, Clarksville entered into a contract to develop a long term “Master Plan” for the city of Clarksville.  To gather input,  a website has been developed, where you can complete a survey and have your voice heard.

    Do you want more sidewalks?  More parks?  Run off elections for Mayor? Removal of red light cameras? Increased funding for the public library?  Interstate exit to the hospital?  New airport terminal?

    What do you think would make Clarksville a better place?  What are the city’s biggest problems?  Tell them what you think! They are asking for your input.

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    City Charter Revisions – You May Get to Decide


    The bill to significantly revise the City of Clarksville charter made it out of a legislative subcommittee  today, with an amendment attached mandating that the changes be voted on in a referendum.

    Terry McMoore asked Rep Curtis Johnson office to comment on what we should expect to happen next in the legislature.  Rep. Johnson stated next Tuesday at 12 noon the bill will go before the full Local Government Committee and if  it passes then it will go before the Calendar and Rules Committee which meets twice a week. They usually pick to meet either on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. at this time they don’t know which day.  So it is far from over, the bill as amended could be passed, which would allow voters to decide.  Or the bill could be voted down, which would kill the charter revisions.

    But, as citizens and voters you need to educate yourself on the issues.  I have written and collaborated with others (thanks Terry and Bill) on several articles that you may find helpful.  I did not start this series of articles anticipating a long term series, but I am glad to help disseminate information.

    One additional piece of information that I have obtained is a copy of the city charter with the recommended changes highlighted.  I would like to thank Mr. Joesph D. Schwenz Sr, for providing COL with this file. «Read the rest of this article»

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    Legislative Bills of Interest in the 2010 Session


    I have been researching some bills that have been proposed in the current legislative session. Being a tight budget year, most of the bills have no fiscal note. Please let your elected officials know your opinions on each of these  bills.

    I have included links to each of the proposed bills, and provided a list of legislators to allow you to further research the issues. «Read the rest of this article»

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    City Charter to be sent home for referendum


    I have posted two articles regarding the city charter, which got some readers and local officials attention.   On Feb. 24th, the State and Local Government Committee revisited the controversial revisions to Clarksville charter. This time Clarksville officials attended the meeting, but that didn’t seem to help; some might say it made it worse.

    Despite some folks being confident that the legislature would approve the charter, they did not.  I am not going to rehash the contents of the video; it speaks for itself.  If you thought the last video was “interesting”, please take a moment to watch the video from this meeting.  After this meeting, one lobbyist was overheard in an elevator (neither Terry McMoore nor Bill Larson caught her name) saying, “That was textbook on how not to get your legislation passed.”

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    Film Noir Fest 2 at Belcourt Theatre


    I am a big fan of Film Noir movies, and really enjoyed the Belcourt’s last Film Noir fest. And they are at it again, this time with only French and British films. The line up looks really good.

    The first movie is one of my favorite’s, “The Third Man.” I saw it Thursday evening and it was great to see it on the big screen. I attended the 5 o’clock show and was pleasantly surprised at the attendance, at least 40- or so. For those that missed it, I believe this film is available at the Clarksville-Montgomery County Library.  The film “Peeping Tom” looks promising (1960), as does the 1970 “Get Carter” with Michael Caine. The film fest runs through March 11. Check out their website for movie info, including pricing, times and movie trailers. «Read the rest of this article»


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