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All that remains …


“Since history has no properly scientific value, its only purpose is educative. And if historians neglect to educate the public, if they fail to interest it intelligently in the past, then all their historical learning is valueless except in so far as it educates themselves.” G. M. Trevelyan.

The Port Royal Covered Bridge has finally been dismantled and hauled away to reinvent itself as a sturdy barn for a local farmer. The actual removal process on both sides of the river took about three weeks total, but the effect will have on the park could take years to overcome. I did not grow up here in Clarksville, nor did any of my family, so for me it has been hard to find sympathy for the dedicated supporters of the remains of the bridge.

The bridge was first built in 1903, then fell during construction, killing one young boy; it was rebuilt and then fell again in the 1970’s due to a storm and was rebuilt again and fell in the mid 1990’s to flooding, where it remained until recently. The original bridge was much larger than its later versions and only served the community of Port Royal for a short time in its history. However, there were many fond times there, weddings, schoolboy mischief, stolen kisses and family outings. «Read the rest of this article»

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