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CGW Bio-diesel Processing System Announcement


Bio-diesel Processing System housed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant

A Bio-diesel Processing system was purchased through a CMAQ grant from FHWA at 100% federal funding. Pat Hickey, General Manager of Clarksville Gas and Water, has housed it at the Wastewater Treatment Plant under the direction of Mike Gray, Assistant Plant Manager.

The system will convert used restaurant and household vegetable oil into biodiesel fuel which will be used to operate public transit vehicles and other local government vehicles. This initiative will bring about cleaner air, less oil and grease in our sewer lines and lower fuel costs. Currently Gas and Water has agreements with 12 businesses in Clarksville to collect their used cooking oil. The following businesses are currently participating in the program: «Read the rest of this article»

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Clarksville For Obama brainstorms platform for DNC national convention


As the Democratic Party’s convention nears, results of “Listen to America” to shape party platform

Seeking to be heard Traditionally, every four years, the Democratic Party leadership meets in closed session and develops a platform for the next four years of national political focus. Senator Barack Obama wants to change that. He has proposed that, starting this year, the party draw input and ideas from the American people directly. To that end, several hundred local groups across the country participated in “brainstorming” events. The national leadership will formulate the new direction of the Democratic Party based on the priorities identified in the work product from the many local Obama Campaign “Listen to America” Committees across the nation.

Clarksville For Obama met recently to do its part in crafting this new national party platform. About 50 people converged at “Get Some Coffee” at the Great Escape Theater Complex along Trenton Road for Clarksville’s “Listen to America” event. Jim Robertson and Tyrone Taylor, Clarksville for Obama and Tennessee for Obama members, respectively, co-chaired the event. The meeting objective was to choose five topic areas, brainstorm to finalize, prioritize and develop enactment of those particular interest proposals. Five brainstorming groups were formed to consider the specific topics. «Read the rest of this article»


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