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Topic: Blue Collar

Classism: How We Talk about Earnings


I believe that classism is at the root of most of the problems in America. Hot button issues like racism, welfare, health care, corrupt politicians, and corporate bailouts are symptoms of classism. People can be manipulated to be distracted by these symptoms. This allows the underlying condition, classism, to go untreated. I am not saying that these symptoms should not be addressed, I am saying maybe we should step back, take a look the big picture and maybe we could more effectively deal with these issues.

laborclassismMy wife and I were talking the other night, when something occurred to me.

My wife is a social worker (and no that wasn’t what occurred to me.) When she states how much she earns, she states it in terms of “per hour.” I work in a business setting. When I state how much I earn, I state it in terms of “per year.” Why do we not use the same terms? We are discussing the same thing. It reminded me of trying to compare kilometers and miles – you need to do some math to compare the two measurements. «Read the rest of this article»


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