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New Tennessee laws are in effect


Despite tight revenues, state finishes fiscal year on schedule, lawmakers save jobs, education programs. (See complete text below of newly published Public Chapters of the Tennessee Code Annotated.)

tn-legislatureNASHVILLE – While several other states struggle to close out the fiscal year ending Wednesday, Tennessee has already published new laws passed during its recently completed legislative session.

“We didn’t have a $24 billion shortfall in revenue like the legislators in California are struggling with, but it was still a tight budget year in Tennessee,” Senator Lowe Finney of Jackson, incoming chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus, said.

Still, we were able to protect our better schools program – pre-K in particular – and we can move ahead with projects that will put Tennesseans back to work.

That’s good for our families, our hometown economies and our state revenue. As more jobs begin to open up – thanks to projects like the West Tennessee industrial megasite – we can build a stable tomorrow for Tennesseans.

Among the laws now in effect:

  • Increased energy efficiency is now required in state buildings and vehicles.
  • Sex offenders are prohibited from being within 1,000 feet of certain places where children are likely to gather.
  • Tennessee driver’s licenses now print birthdates larger to make them easier for retailers to read.
  • Vending machines installed on state property after July 1 must use energy efficient lighting, and the new lighting must be installed on any that are repaired.

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Citizen representation on local boards: Are we in accordance with TN’s Open Appointments Act?


Clarksville is blessed with a talented professional population base. Abiding by the state’s own Open Appointments Act, TCA 10-7-601-611, which compels inclusion of minorities on all appointed decision-making and regulatory boards, commissions, committees and councils, should not pose a serious problem. A review of all such county and city government entities is presented for public review. Questions should be addressed to your local government representatives and heads. The law has been in effect for several years

Montgomery County has numerous appointed decision-making and regulatory boards, committees,commissions and councils. Citizens are appointed to all of these entities. However the public is not well-informed of whom among it are making decisions as their representative. This does not meet with the intent nor approval of the state law. The city government is equally at fault in this regard. Appointments are not well publicized and the selection pool seems rather restricted. With the vast array of talents present in our community, it would seem that widening the selection pool should not be a difficult task. «Read the rest of this article»


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