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Eighth Clarksville Writers’ Conference 2012 Learns about Creative Nonfiction from Keven McQueen


Clarksville Writer's ConferenceClarksville, TN – Keven McQueen is not your average author with an elevated impression of himself. Here’s what he has to say about his life as he introduces himself on his web page, “I have degrees in English from Berea College and Eastern Kentucky University. I have been an instructor of composition and literature in the Department of English and Theatre at EKU since 1989. English is my wife but history is my mistress, especially politically incorrect history which presents uncomfortable challenges to what “everyone knows” or assumes to be true.”

He goes on to add, “For a while I worked as a night watchman at a funeral home, a job that dovetailed well with my sense of humor….I am the author of five books: a biography of a nineteenth-century Kentucky emancipationist, Cassius M. Clay, Freedom’s Champion; two books featuring biographies of bizarre and eccentric figures from Kentucky history, Offbeat Kentuckians and More Offbeat Kentuckians; a hybrid of the Kentucky history and true crime genres, Murder in Old Kentucky, and the brand-new Kentucky Book of the Dead, which concerns ghosts, giant skeletons, premature burial, monsters and other strangeness. I have another Kentucky-based true crime book on the way, Cruelly Murdered.”

Keven McQueen at the 2012 Clarksville Writer's Conference

Keven McQueen at the 2012 Clarksville Writer’s Conference

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