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SEIU & ACORN: Guilt by Association


seiustrongerThe Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has become a favorite target of the extreme right wing. As SEIU becomes a more significant force for change in this country, we are going to continue to be hit by the same extreme right-wing attack machine that is trying to block healthcare reform and regulatory reform – the change this country needs to help working families and to rebuild the middle class.

The radical right in this country wants nothing more than to make SEIU, grassroots community groups, and any individual who fights against the status quo their next casualty. They are seeking to silence the voices of those men and women who suffered the most under 8 years of extreme right-wing policies, and to smear anyone who stands up for those men and women. Right now, there are daily attacks from conservative radio and TV pundits on us for our work on healthcare, labor rights, immigration, and our working relationship with community and progressive organizations – most recently ACORN. «Read the rest of this article»

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Radio Talk Shows Vs. Common Sense: The Increase in the Minimum Wage


livingwageThe other day on the way home from work I heard a right wing radio talk show host say the following, and I am paraphrasing:

“The minimum wage is going up 10%. Therefore, in order for businesses to maintain the same level of profits, we should expect 10% of minimum wage earners to be laid off. This increase in the minimum wage, effectively, increases unemployment, increases the number of people looking for government entitlements, which is exactly the opposite of what this economy currently needs.”

The host cut to a commercial break, and I turned the radio off to think about that statement. It just didn’t sound right to me. It sounded too black and white. Economics is rarely that simple. So I thought about it. «Read the rest of this article»

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Barnes: “What can I do for the people of District 22?”


Tim Barnes, candidate for State Senate District 22, set the pace for his campaign with a press conference held today at his Franklin Street office, discussing several of the issues of concern to “the people of Clarksville.”

Tim Barnes and family at a press conference

Tim Barnes with his wife, Linda, and their children (from left), Patrick, Fergus and Molly family at a Sept. 19 press conference

Barnes, whose candidacy seemingly ended with his primary election 19-vote loss to incumbent Senator Rosalind Kurita, challenged that vote, citing alleged improprieties in the election process; the Tennessee Democratic Executive Committee subsequently overturned that primary  election race and turned the Kurita/Barnes race over to the executive committees in the three District 22 counties: Montgomery, Houston and Cheatham.

On Friday, September 19, Barnes briefly reviewed the process that led to his reclaiming the Democratic nod, and said that the healing of the party rift had begun. In his statement, Barnes pledged to develop a “cooperative” spirit with other legislators, to work at attracting quality high paying jobs to the area, to work at expanding health care options for the people of Tennessee, and to work at managing the state budget with an intent to keep taxes low while “providing necessary services.” «Read the rest of this article»


Clarksville For Obama brainstorms platform for DNC national convention


As the Democratic Party’s convention nears, results of “Listen to America” to shape party platform

Seeking to be heard Traditionally, every four years, the Democratic Party leadership meets in closed session and develops a platform for the next four years of national political focus. Senator Barack Obama wants to change that. He has proposed that, starting this year, the party draw input and ideas from the American people directly. To that end, several hundred local groups across the country participated in “brainstorming” events. The national leadership will formulate the new direction of the Democratic Party based on the priorities identified in the work product from the many local Obama Campaign “Listen to America” Committees across the nation.

Clarksville For Obama met recently to do its part in crafting this new national party platform. About 50 people converged at “Get Some Coffee” at the Great Escape Theater Complex along Trenton Road for Clarksville’s “Listen to America” event. Jim Robertson and Tyrone Taylor, Clarksville for Obama and Tennessee for Obama members, respectively, co-chaired the event. The meeting objective was to choose five topic areas, brainstorm to finalize, prioritize and develop enactment of those particular interest proposals. Five brainstorming groups were formed to consider the specific topics. «Read the rest of this article»


Americans need solutions to housing crisis


America faces a housing crisis that it has not seen the likes of since the great depression. Hundreds of thousands of families have lost their homes due to the mortgage crisis in the past year and more are at risk if we don’t act now. That is why the US Senate must support some version of the Foreclosure Prevention Act, which passed this past week in the US House. This legislation, which is on its way to the Senate next week has been threatened with veto by President Bush.

As usual, the President is wrong. The President has said that he would veto the legislation if it comes to his desk because he doesn’t believe that certain types of people should be rewarded for their bad decisions. What the President means is that poor people shouldn’t be protected from predatory lenders and that the government shouldn’t have any regulatory responsibilities when it comes to mortgage lenders. «Read the rest of this article»


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