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Topic: NASA Geotail Mission

NASA’s Geotail mission still going strong after 20 Years in Space


Written by Karen C. Fox
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationGreenbelt, MD – On July 24th, 1992, the joint JAXA/NASA Geotail mission launched into space aboard a Delta II launch vehicle. It was the vanguard for a set of coordinated missions known as the International Solar Terrestrial Physics or ISTP project that studied the magnetic environs of Earth.

Along with the Wind and Polar missions launched later, Geotail flew up into space to provide information about the way the magnetic envelope surrounding Earth, called the magnetosphere, responds to incoming material and energy from the sun.

An artist's rendition of what Geotail looks like in space. (Credit: JAXA)

An artist’s rendition of what Geotail looks like in space. (Credit: JAXA)

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