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Biden/Palin debate: Biden takes it, Palin “better than expected” but no home run

Montgomery County Democratic Party

Montgomery County Democratic Party

Montgomery County Republican Party

The Joe Biden/Sarah Palin debate is over and history. The verdict: Biden held his own, scored particularly well in areas of foreign policy, and, I believe, won the debate. Palin, after a spate of blundered interviews and disingenuous flubbed questions from “Katie” (Couric) and “Charlie” (Gibson), did better than expected but still managed at best a break even score, up from her previous level — which was sounding ridiculous.

Watching the man/woman voter scrolling scoreboard at the bottom of the TV screen, a tally of sorts based on Ohio voters, both candidates managed to find sharp and prolonged spikes of interest, catching the attention of listeners not by political affiliation but rather by the issues that were being discussed. What were those topics: the economy, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy, the economy and the economy. The Economy encompassed middle class tax relief, health care/insurance, jobs, gas prices, and the high cost of higher education. «Read the rest of this article»


Munday Message: No “contract” renewal


After the eight years that George Bush spent ignoring the U.S. economy, investment banks and mortgage companies that hold a majority of the nation’s home mortgages have either faltered or outright collapsed.

On Monday morning, news spread that 158 year-old investment bank Lehman Brothers was closing shop, following the pain that already hit Main St. when Bush came to office.

John McCain, who Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden aptly calls Bush 44, defiantly said the “fundamentals” of the U.S. economy are strong.  Workers in America have known for some time now that something is fundamentally wrong with the way the U.S. economy has been mismanaged and ignored.

Eight years of protecting inflated CEO salaries and record oil company profits without radical reinvestment in renewable energy has resulted in a Republican Party known for ignoring rising gas prices.

A losing record in football never results in a renewed contract for the head coach.

Note: Author Wade Munday is the news communication spokesperson for the Democratic Party.


Obama “accepts the nomination” and rouses crowd with a 21st century platform


The complete text of Obama’s Convention speech follows this article.

“Yes we can.” Yes we can.” The mantra of the Obama for President campaign.


Cheers, applause as the audience begins its standing ovation for Sen. Barack Obama's DNC Convention Speech

Montgomery County Democratic Headquarters rang out with cheers and applause Thursday night as a full house watched Sen. Barack Obama address the nation and lay out the issues facing America today. Invesco Stadium in Denver was tightly packed with an estimated 4,000 Democratic National Convention delegates and another 80,000 every day Americans eager to watch as a new page in American history was written. «Read the rest of this article»

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