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Help for Kids Who Stutter


MEMPHIS — At a time of spiraling health care costs, speech therapy is one free benefit many parents can appreciate. If your child stutters, he or she may be eligible for free speech therapy in school.

Under federal law, public and private schools must provide special education services such as speech therapy to children, even preschoolers, who need them. “Unfortunately, many parents aren’t aware that this free resource exists and that it can save them hundreds of dollars in health care costs,” said Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation. “Stuttering therapy may not be covered by employer-based health insurance either.”

The Stuttering Foundation recently published a new brochure, Special Education Law and Children Who Stutter, which explains how parents can obtain speech therapy for a child through the school system. It takes some of the mystery out of the process by explaining how schools evaluate a child’s special needs and suggests what parents can do if they disagree with the outcome. «Read the rest of this article»

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