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Clarksville Police Department Funeral Policy Update


City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – First, this is a change to Clarksville Police Department policy, not City Code or State law.  State law requires that funeral processions be led in a safe and appropriate manner. The old policy, quite frankly, did not meet this standard.

Second, and this is where the bulk of misinformation has resulted, the number of vehicles in a funeral procession is not (and cannot be) limited. The revised policy is that for funeral processions led by 1 police vehicle (approximately 95% of those involving CPD), the CPD officer can only be responsible for getting seven cars safely through intersections and other traffic conditions. «Read the rest of this article»

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The Open Appointments Act: Who sits on OUR appointed bodies?


In what can only best be described as an ongoing irritant to many citizens, the invisibility of the composition of the various city and county governments’ appointed decision-making/regulatory bodies has long grated the public’s collective nerve. Appointments are announced at meetings but the appointees are rarely, if ever, present or brought before the public’s view. Such actions do little to bestow or increase public trust in the appointment system and the results thereof.

In an effort to better understand this process, a review of the state law addressing minority and non-minority representation in the composition of such appointed bodies has resulted in some insightful information. The TCA has addressed this issue of promoting and actually encouraging the participation of minorities on statutorily appointed regulatory government sub-entities. This is a commendable effort that goes a long way in encouraging the involvement of all elements of our citizenry in the operation and functioning of our government. Sadly, it is not a perfect tool but still one that could have profound impact if actively applied. «Read the rest of this article»


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