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Dems take Senate too!

Democratic Party LogoWith the narrowest of margins, it was announced tonight that the Democrats took Virginia, changing the power structure of the U.S. Senate in addition to the overwhelming shift in power in the House of Representatives. When I wrote my previous post on Tuesday’s elections, several states had not yet counted all their ballots. Tonight, around 8:30, networks across the board announced a Democratic victory in Virginia – that critical 6thstate needed to change the balance of power in the Senate.

Add to that the resignation earlier of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield, and the conciliatory “olive branch” offered by the soundly defeated Bush administration.

The American voters soundly rejected the Bush”s “stay the course” policy, opting to change course, a move that leaves Bush a lame duck president for the next two years.

The Dems have something to cheer about and a lot to think about; come January, it will be time to roll up those shirtsleeves and do the job they’ve been elected to do: restructure America’s failing policies, rebuild our global credibility, and work on the issues that concern ordinary Americans: education, health care, affordable housing, tax relief for the middle class, property rights, social security, immigration, sustainable and/or renewable energy, minimum wage and jobs.


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