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PRESS RELEASE: Clarksville Coalition of Civil Rights Leaders Unite for Common Cause

unity.jpgSeveral civil rights leaders have decided to reconstitute the Clarksville Coalition of Civil Rights Leaders (CCCRL). These citizens believe that civil rights issues in Clarksville continue to go unresolved.

The coalition, originally founded in 2005, has been inactive due to the conflicting schedules of the leadership. However, after assessing the current status of civil rights compliance and protections in Clarksville and Montgomery County, some civil rights leaders believe it necessary to unite.

“In unity there is strength,” said Dr. Nancy J. Dawson, coalition chairwoman. “The time has come, to end, once and for all, the racial problems in Clarksville,” Dawson said.

The coalition includes members of the following civil rights organizations- the Title VI Action Committee, National Action Network, the Clarksville Branch of the NAACP, the Progressive Citizen Advocates, the Urban Resource Center, and the Commission on Religion and Racism (CORR).

The group has been meeting throughout the month of February and plans to submit a written document to local, state and national officials regarding their concerns soon. In addition, a website is being established for citizens to voice complaints and to keep abreast of the coalition’s activities.

The coalition will be sponsoring a community forum for citizens to voice complaints. For more information about the coalition, call 552-9597, Ext. 3 or submit email inquiries to: cccrl931@yahoo.com.


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